This came out of a webpage update during the Olympics that had Miller, Kane, Burke, and Kesler’s faces on Mt. Rushmore.  Talk about ultimate face time!  Permanent face time for eternity!

This list is a group of players that @lesleywk and I think need “score more”  face time.  A lot more.  Like they need reality shows or webcams.  Now.

Pretty much the opposite of #Nevernude, we give you #MtScoremore:

1. Ryan Kesler ~ Hey!  It was decided he would be the first on the list when we were in the middle of the Olympic glow and he said he hated Canadians and he was so gosh darn hardworking…… He’s mouthy so he could probably pull off a reality show.  The name you may wonder? “Welcome Back Kesler” about his reintegration into enemy Canadian territory when he returns to the Canucks.  Man, I hope the Canadian players aren’t mad and steal all his clothes and he has to walk around in a towel.  That would be a tragedy.  Epic triump….tragedy!

2.  Zach Parise ~ Scoring all those Olympic goals?  Pretty damn endearing.  He’s probably too low-key for a good reality show so we’ll settle for Parise-Cam.

3.  Matthew Lombardi ~ He may seem low key, but this kid has quite the sense of humor.  During shootout practice, when he scores, his celebrations are always the funniest.  Who breaks  out the six-shooters and then crashes into the boards and falls down?  Lombo.  With all his moves, maybe his reality show can be dance-based?  “Mambo with Lombo” maybe?

4.  Patrick Sharp ~ Oh Sharpy, how did you stay off this list for so long?  Victoria Secret had you in the running as the sexiest athlete in Chicago and you would have won if the server didn’t crash from all the votes!  He’s a good teammate, he is currently engaging in an epic bromance with Burish.  They are pranksters!

Pranksters 1

Pranksters 2

Pranksters 3

So he kind of already has his own reality show…. but he’s #MtScoreMore for sure!

5.  Brooks Laich ~ Brooks has always been an outstanding character guy and hockey player, but his playoff story has pushed him over the top and landed him on MtScoreMore.  After a very upsetting Game 7 loss in the first round of the playoffs, Brooks stopped to help a woman and her daughter that were stranded on the side of the road.  He, in his expensive suit, changed their tire for them.  All together now….. awwwwwwwwwwww.  His reality show will about hockey players that fix cars in their spare time.  ❤


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