Olli-Bear Gives ‘Em The Carebear Stare

Yotes vs. Panthers.  They had attach a free post-game concert to get people in the seats, and it didn’t even look too full with that enticement.  Florida is like the Bermuda Triangle for players, they go there and when we play them I say, O WILLIE MITCHELL, THERE YOU BE.

Yandle had his first really egregious turnover that left me going:



Granted, he did haul ass to get back and Kopecky didn’t score on the breakaway.  But man! With Yandle leading the team in points, you gotta take the bad with the good, especially on this offensively strapped team.

Hodgman got called up!


Who knew GMDM was the Claw?

Justin Hodgman:  1 game, 1 goal

Sam Ganger:  7 games, 1 point, -5

BJ Crombeen:  5 games, 0 points, -2

Yes, they don’t all play the same type of game and expectations are different, but on this team, scoring by committee is the rule and these two dingos are making a lot more money than Hodgman for less production.  In fact, Crombeen is like goal kryptonite!  He had a hand in the disallowed goal in MN and he deflected the no-goal tonight with a high stick.  Not helping, and LITERALLY HURTING outcomes.

Hodgman tied the game and it was sent into OT.  Who is the overtime specialist?  OLLI-BEAR.  He needs some good mojo and he seems to have taken on the role of closer.

Olli, Florida thought they were gonna win......

Olli, Florida thought they were gonna win……

This is how Olli-Bear scores.  Hard to track all those simultaneous shots!

This is how Olli-Bear scores. Hard to track all those simultaneous shots!

Oliver was first star, very deserved!  Mike Smith as second star was bullshit, the game wouldn’t have even gone to overtime without Hodgman’s goal.  He should have been second star for sure.

The games lately have been hard to watch.  It is just frustrating at the group that the Yotes have been putting on the ice when so many other teams in the Pacific have gotten better and are playing out of their minds.  Vrbata has 4 goals and 4 assists in 7 games.  Yes, the Yotes don’t have the ability to field a line like the Sedins for Vrb, but at least he was a WEAPON.  Good at PK, an actual shooter, and shootout specialist.

How long am I gonna be beating that dead horse?  DUDES, I AM STILL NOT OVER TEEK AND PRUCHA.

Slow healing

Slow healing

Hopefully, we can get our lives together a little bit, but it’s going to be a rough year no matter what.  Sharks, Ducks, Hawks, Kings, and Preds are likely playoff locks. Dallas and Vancouver have been playing like gangbusters.  MN is going to be tough all year.  St. Louis will get their lives sorted out.  There aren’t many playoff spots up for grabs and the teams that are in the mix have more talent than AZ.  How do you fight Zach Parise?


FLAWLESS (pic from the United States of Hockey)

Ugh, sorry I’m such a Debbie Downer, but it’s too early in the season for it to feel like work to watch the Yotes, but it does.  BRING BACK THE FUN.  BRING BACK THE MARTY.




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