Kessy in a Messy

U Y MAKE ME DO DIS?!?!?!?!

I greatly enjoy Kale Kessy.  He has been on my list of prospects that I always look forward to seeing at camps because he fits my ideal qualifications of a gritty, tough, two-way forward and he’s a BB, so hey, I’m in.

Here’s the problem:  Kale was suspended 12 games for, in the opinion of the WHL, an obvious elbow to the head.  Oy.  And this isn’t the first time he’s had a multi-game suspension.  Last season, Kale received 5 games on 10/7 and 4 games on 11/28.  He also had a 1 game suspension in March for a game misconduct.

Oh, it goes back further.  The season before last?  3 total games suspended.

Unfortunately, this pattern of behavior smacks of poor judgement.  And we all know whose ass I constantly ride about poor judgment.


And in case you’re new and don’t know how I feel about Raffi, it’s basically this:

This. All of this.

It’s not like roughness is Kale’s only skill.  I mean, he has scored a goal in each of the two games he has played this season.  Granted, that rate greatly exceeds his offensive prowess from the past two seasons (10g, 14a in 65games & 4g, 12a in 49games), but he doesn’t need to be quite this…………. Torres-esque.



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One Response to Kessy in a Messy

  1. barbie4yotes says:

    I heard that Shanaban already prepped this kid’s highlight reel just in case he makes the big show. With odds like this stacked against him, he should just quit and start focusing on learning the phrase, “Will that be a Grande or Venti mocha latte?”

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