The Old New Kids On The Block

It’s an extremely exciting day for our new draft picks.  Here they are:

1st rd ~ Henrik Samuellson ~ “BULF”

2nd rd ~ Jordan Martinook ~ “Nookie”

3rd  rd ~ James Melindy ~ “Super Ginger”

4th rd ~ Rhett Holland ~ “Frankly he doesn’t give a damn”

5th rd ~ Niklas Tikkiken ~ “BB Finn”

6th rd ~ Samuel Feyes ~ “Hunter & Gatherer”

7th rd ~ Marek Langhamer ~  “BB Czech Goalie” &  Justin Hache  ~ “Eggo”

Yay, everyone has their name already, but they ARE subject to change once, you know, I actually see them.

I figure that I’ll write about them during prospect camp instead of just spitting back stuff I’ve read online.

What I caaaaaaaaaaaaaan do is look at our draft picks from last year and how their first year in the organization went.

1st rd:  Connor Murphy ~ Dman


Connor had a pretty serious injury to rehab from at the start of the season so he only played 35 games for the Sarnia Sting this year.  But in those games, he was 8-18-26.  In 6 playoff games, he had 1 goal and two assists.  Not too shabby for our Dman.

Round 2:  Alexander Ruuttu ~ Forward


Alex is still in Finland playing for Jokerit.  He is playing against men and it will aid in getting him ready for the NHL.  In 13 games, he was 1-0-1.  Don’t ask me, Europe is weird and I don’t really know what’s going on with him.    I do know he is still a beanpole.

Round 3:  Lucas Lessio ~ Forward


Lucas played for Oshawa this year and played 66 games.  He had a great year with 34 goals and 25 assists.  Someone that actually shoots?  Holy crap.  He looked good in camp last year and the coaches kept him longer than many of the other young picks.  Looks good, more skill than scrap.

Round 4:  Harrison Ruopp ~ Dman

Young Mr. Ruopp was a casualty of the trade that brought Z back from the Pens.

Round 5:  Kale Kessy ~ Forward


Kale plays for the Medicine Hat Tigers and is a bruuuuuuuuuuuuuuutal forward.  BRUTAL.  He played 49 games, partially because he was suspended multiple times for big hits.  HE IS BRUTAL.  He had 4 goals and 12 assists to go with his 151 penalty minutes.


Round 5:  Darian Dziurzynski ~ forward

The hair.

Let’s start by reviewing how much I freaking love Darian’s hair.  I DO.  A LOT.  Darian went from the Blades to the Wheat Kings this year.  He played 61 games and had 27 goals, 16 assists.  The things about Darian is that he can obviously score but he’s ……………. tough. Don’t tell anyone I said this but, he’s kinda Shane Doan-ish.  He’ll fight if he has to.  He is like a bull in a china shop, but he can put the puck in the net.

I am so high on this kid.  Can’t wait to see what he does this season.  Can’t wait.

Round 6:  Andrew Fritsch ~ Forward


Andrew went to Sault St. Marie this season and played 35 games.  He had 32 points (13 goals, 19 assists), which is not shabby at all.  Andrew is pretty scrappy and doesn’t seem afraid to go where he needs to in order to get puck in the net.

Round 7:  Zac Larraza ~ Forward

Local Boy

Zac is a college boy at U of Denver this year.  He played 26 games and ended up with 1 goal, 4 assists as a Freshman.  He’s still filling out so we will see how he bulks up over the next year or two.

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