Shane Doan, Are You There? It’s Me, AJ.

DING DONG THE WITCH IS DEAD……….. and that means the curse she placed on Hockey Jesus that would keep him from ever scoring a hat trick was lifted (maybe this bodes well for playoffs too?).



I am so damn happy that I got to see this in person.  I literally cried.  No one deserved it more than Shane.  He is amaze.

Yandle was freaking the hell out.  Those two have a special bond and I firmly believe that Shane will be handing that C down to Yandsy whenever he decides to move on to curing leprosy and raising the dead full-time.

Speaking of the dead, Marty had an off-ice workout Friday.  This means he’s dead for at least another week or so.  Mother F.  😦

Boyd is actually skating, so that’s something positive.

David Rundblad wrote on his personal blog that he was being sent down to the AHL.  I saw him before the game, walking down the street by the Job and I went OMG that’s David!  Jon immediately says “Do you want me to swing around so you can go say hi?”.  He’s the best dude ever (Jon, not David).  I passed on the opportunity.  With Schlem getting hurt, I still think he gets sent down, depending on how Oakie’s face is.

Raffi returned from his two game suspension.  :/  He could score 9 hat tricks and I’d still hate him.  He’s dangerous and stupid and that is a bad combo.  If you do something questionable, you keep your damn nose clean for …………. nevermind, it’s wasted typing, just…….. ugh.

Oliver led the team in ice time with just over 24 minutes.  Yands was second with 22:06.  Olli had a goal and an assist as well.  Careful Yands, there may be a new top Dman in town soon.

Marc-Antoine Pouliot won 8 of his 9 faceoffs.  He didn’t have any major screwups either.  I hope he sticks around for a bit.  He’s got a lil sumpin-sumpin.

Chipchurra won 10 of his 17 faceoffs, which isn’t shabby.  He’s shown consistency, but we are still dying to get Boyd and He Who Shall Not Be Name Or I Will Return To My Epic Depression back.

Oh, hey, Pyatt scored.  Holy crap, he did something!

O’Sullivan needs to go.

Mike Smith is my homeboy.

We won, yay!




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