Meh. It’s just all so…….. meh.

What a year.  Unfortunately, it seems to be ending on an increasingly downward spiral.

Things are seeming bleak and my interest in hockey is at an all-time low.  I just feel so MEH about it.  I used to be upset when we lost.  LIKE SUPER CAPSLOCKY, THREATENING TO KILL PEOPLE, AND POSSIBLY MYSELF- KIND OF UPSET.  But now?  Meh.  I don’t really expect us to win.

This is the season of my discontent.

Went from D-E-D to D-E-A-D. And as you know, as goes Hanzal, as goes AJ.

Marty’s head is dead.  Thank God I was holding @BabyYotesFan or I may have actually made the leap to the ice……. from upstairs.  When someone did that to Prucha, Marty stood up for him.  There was no one to stand up for Marty.  I see.

The team isn’t saying much, which leads me to think it’s a concussion.  Just another reason I’m crawling up on my soapbox about player safety and controlling bad hits.  The game is dangerous enough without allowing dirty players to throw potentially dangerous hits.

Which leads me to Raffi Torres.  You can like him all you want, but I refuse to be an apologist just because he is on our team.  You can Youtube all his previous dirty hits and he’s thrown two in the last two games.  I will never cheer for him, no matter what he does for us.  Seriously, it’s dangerous enough without idiots that are out of control.

Who is this guy? I guess we will never know.

So we got David Rundblad.  He plays one game and gets an assist.  And then sits every other game.  What the fuck?  If we aren’t going to use him, let him go to the AHL and get the practice.  He isn’t going to get better just practicing and getting no game experience.  The change from Euro to North American style requires actual game experience.  JESUS H CHRIST, USE HIM OR LET HIM GO.

On the up-side, OEL is becoming a little superstar.  Well, not QUITE yet, but he’s grown a ton since last year and we can’t function without him now.


We have an ultra surplus of Dmen.  Dmo has been sitting as a scratch lately, but that’s a lot of money to be paying him to eat popcorn.  With that contract and two seasons left, I doubt he’ll be able to be moved anywhere, unless the other team is INSANE.  So that leaves the Flames as a possibility 😛  Rozy will likely go before the trade deadline for a scorer/secondary scorer if we are still in the race at that point.

And Rundblad?  Who the hell knows.  We wasted OEL’s rookie year last year, so I guess it’s David’s turn.

Blonde locks and a center? Move over Kyle, we've got Cal?

Cal O’Reilly has really grown on me.  After a very rough stretch upon his arrival, Cal has been a bit of a lifesaver with Marty and Boyd being dead.



Even Chipchura is helping out……….. as much as Chipchura can possibly help?

Vrby is also a huge bright spot.  18 goals well before the halfway point?  Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuupastar!

We'd be in last place without him. Vrrrrrrrrrrrb!!!!

Part of my discontent is still not having an owner.  The deadline has passed and the NHL can talk to other cities.  They say the plan isn’t to do that yet, but still……… ugh.  So few things seem to be going in the right direction with the team AND this continued drama?  Unbearable.

Another annoying thing is everyone talking about the “playoff atmosphere” of the Bruins game.  I’ve experienced “playoff atmosphere” and that was not it.  That was “having butts in the seats” and we should try it more often.   Games with less attendance have felt more playoff-ish than that game.   Trying to play it up as something it wasn’t is just pathetic.

Hopefully, it’ll get better.  If crazy superfan me is feeling MEH, it doesn’t bode well.

Well, this was certainly a downer of a blog so I’ll end it better…….. pics anyone?


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One Response to Meh. It’s just all so…….. meh.

  1. Carol says:

    If it makes you feel any better, on the other side of Earth I feel just as meh about hockey as you do… even though both my hometown team and fav KHL team are doing awesome this season. Maybe it’s just a meh season for everyone?

    But what’s up with all the concussions? Wrap all the players in bubble wrap or something, this is insane. It feels like every time I open my browser, some other guy is out because of his injured head!
    I wonder if players lost respect to each other or if it’s just a coincidence and it somehow accumulated now… Anyway, makes me shake my head more and more at the fact that Europe wants to switch to smaller NHL rinks to make the game faster – no, just NO!

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