Mish-Mash, Whitney’s In The Bird Bath

Here’s a few randoms:

Ray Whitney found the fountain of youth.  It’s a bird bath in his backyard.  Ever seen a grown man bathe in a bird bath?  Good thing he’s Hobbit-sized.

Still hate Torres.  He displays a lack of good judgement…….. across settings.

Still love Mike Smith.  I’m 98% sure that “Mike Smith” is a name made up when he entered the witness relocation program, but whoever that dude really is, he’s my homeboy.  Also, if Russian guys in suits start asking you questions about a curly, mop-headed giraffe, you don’t know nothing, ya dig?

Boyd.  Yes.  A thousand times yes.

The Vrb is off to a rippin’ start.  I guess he and Whitney really do have something.  Aside from scoring, which he rocks at, Vrbo is just a really good all-around player.  I’m always taken aback with how nice of passes he makes and how defensively responsible he is.  He’s no one-trick pony.  He’s like that little monkey that can play 10 instruments at once.  I frickin’ love him.

Right now, we are playing zero centers that we had on the team last year.  Belanger and Fiddy flew the coop, Turris forgot who he was, and now Marty is hurt.


My seat neighbors are ready for when Chipchurra scores with their chip-chip-chooray cheer.  My cheer for him is Chip-Chip-GoTheHellToPortlandIWantMieleBackYouHack.  It has a certain ring to it.

Shane Doan on Mantracker……… all I could think was…….RUN!  And Thank God Shane’s hair isn’t like Brook’s.  Bahahahahaha.

Klesla, you studmeister.  Soooooo under-rated.  He and I are going to have to have a little discussion at the meet the team event about this no visor bullshit.  If I have to hold him down and forcibly attach a visor to his helmet while he is wearing it, I will.  Rostya, do you want to make the choice or have me come at you with a screwdriver……

Yandle’s end of the game high fives/handshakes are getting more and more complex.  They for sure take up 24% of his total brain capacity.  He has to concentrate wicked hawd.

I love Boeds and parts of his game have grown, but finishing around the goal has not.  How frustrating for him.

Lauri Korpikoski should be the mold from which hockey players are made.  He is another one with a ridiculous all-around game.  Him and the Vrb!  #EuropeanBias

Schlem’s physical play has significantly increased lately, possibly as the return of Rozy nears and he doesn’t want to be the one to sit.  He straight up abused the Oiler’s Kid Line.  BULLY.

Speaking of Rozy, I haven’t missed him or even really noticed he’s been gone.  As an expensive UFA, look for him to be a rental player traded by the deadline.  Also, KLESLA, Y U NO AFRAID OF WHAT HAPPEN TO ROZY?  PUT VISOR ON! YOU HAVE A BABY NOW!  BABY NO WANT CYCLOPS FOR DAD, SCHOOL IS HARD ENOUGH TO LIVE THROUGH WHEN YOU HAVE TWO-EYED DAD!

Olli.  The offense quieted down but those rookie mistakes are no where to be seen.  Impressive change in just one off-season.



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2 Responses to Mish-Mash, Whitney’s In The Bird Bath

  1. David Cosand says:

    The part about Yandle made me LOLZ. And yes to Schlem.

  2. Carol says:

    Ha, still loving your blog!
    What happened to big Czech actually? /excuse my lack of knowledge, the 9 hours time difference is still a bit of problem

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