Bus Warriors

We found out today who is making the bus trip to LA for the rookie games.  All of the Coyotes signed prospects are going and also the kids on the tryout that were chosen are:

Dman Dylan King

Forward Brendan Shinnimin

Forward Kurtis Gabriel

Forward Chris Collins

Forward Dannick Gauthier

All these dudes have scored at least a goal in the scrimmages and have had pretty successful camps so far.  I’m totally pulling for Kurtis and Brendan to get contracts.

Andrew Fritsch is staying in Phx because he’s a bit banged up.  Hopefully it’s not too serious and he can be up and at ’em for main camp.  He WAS laying by the pool, according to his tweets, so he can’t be DYING.    Holy crap, he’s a 1993 baby and so is Harrison Ruopp ………….. and then we have Adrian Aucoin who was born in 1973.  Main camp is going to be hilarious!

Is it weird that our new goalie dude, Marc Cheverie isn’t on the list to be invited to main camp?  Anyone?  I mean, Louie and Mark totally did better, but it seems like all our dudes under contract were invited.  Weird.

Last year, BB Goalie was due to be cut and sent back to his junior team but he played so well in his rookie game that he played himself into camp.  Don’t read too much into the main camp roster just yet!

The main camp schedule also came out.  MONDO amounts of hockey this weekend.  Like 4-5 hours each day!  My butt is gonna be sore from sitting and my hands are gonna be sore from f-ing around with my camera.  Can’t wait to get pics of the newbie rookies with the veterans.  #Starstruck

Hope to see you guys this weekend at camp.  Remember the rookie games are being streamed online on the Coyotes and Kings websites!



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