Oooooooooh! We can HIT each other? Woohooooooo

Few people were at day 2 of rookie camp, and for good reason.  The Cardinals game was going on a couple hours later and I will save my EPIC BITCHING about paying 20 bucks to park for another day.  THAT’S LIKE GOING TO A GAME!  Ok, seriously, I’m done.  But if the Cardinals go winless all year, I’ll consider us even.  #HockeyRulesFootballDrools


It turns out that it was worth it.  The scrimmage was liiiiiiively.  The new boards have a ton of give, we found out early as Mike Stone nailed Andrew Fritsch into them.  WHOA NELLY!

The red team had more experienced offensive players and the white team had some stud Dmen so it should have been pretty evenly matched.  It wasn’t.  Red team shut out the White team so offense wins out in the end.  Did ya see that Tippett?  OFFENSE.

Andy Miele continues to be completely ridiculous.  Can we just hand him a ticket to main camp and tell him to take a breather?

Go directly to camp. Do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars.

With the scrimmage being the first time that they were allowed to hit each other, I swear to God they were going OUT OF THEIR WAY to throw hits.  I literally cringed when big Blake Millman took Gonch off his skates.  HE TOOK GONCH OFF HIS SKATES!  Max is huge!

Ruopp was also throwing himself around a little bit.  While he’s not bulky, he goes in head first man, how can you not love that?

Harrison go boom!

Evan Bloodoff completely reminds me of a gnat that has serious ADHD.  He’s here, he’s there.  He has the puck, he’s getting the puck, he’s chasing the puck, he’s stealing the puck, he’s EATING the puck…….. dude, he must have an IV of Mt. Dew at intermission.

Believe it or not, I don't have a new pic of Evan....... so here's Darian's hair!

Michael Stone was also laying out some big hits during the scrimmage.  He may have the most balance between offensive skills and brute force of any of the Dmen.

Stone............ like a rock?

The Red team had Spencer, Andy, and Brett on their first line.   Sometimes they’d throw Darian out there with them.  The White team had Evan, Andrew, and I think Kale.  OMG KALE!

Kale is a tough ass customer.  He can drive the net and isn’t scared to hang out.

The camera loves Kale.

In other news, if our D was’t so freaking deep, Brandon Gormley would be making the roster this year.  Can we buy out Dmo?

If Gorms needs a personal photographer, I'm available

Here are a few more pics, but if you want to see all 133, Click Here

This dude I call "pink cheeks". Seriously, you can pick him out by them

Oh heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey Darian

Seriously, Gorms, you need a publicist/photog!


Wayne's World Extreme CloseUp Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

I'll work for cheap!

This Sioux kid is gonna kick up some dirt in Portland

After the skate, Andy needed a nap

Andrew, why you so serious?



BB Goalie, WTF are you doing ?!?!!??!!?

Kale likes to hang out in front of BB Goalie


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    This website is a serious waste of bandwidth. It’s a POS!!

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