Modern Day Paul Revere: The Rookies Are Comin’, The Rookies Are Comin’!!!

The rookie camp schedule and roster was released by the Coyotes today.  Here’s who will be making a guest appearance:

40: VISENTIN, Mark
79: DOMINGUE, Louis

4: GORMLEY, Brandon
20: SUMMERS, Chris
38: ROSS, Nick
46: BRODEUR, Mathieu
47: RUOPP, Harrison
57: GONCHAROV, Maxim
61: WELLER, Justin
75: STONE, Michael
81: DORION, Marc-Andre#
82: KING, Dylan#

21: MIELE, Andy
36: MALONEY, Donnie#
42: LESSIO, Lucas
48: LONG, Colin
52: HEXTALL, Brett
54: WEREK, Ethan
56: KESSY, Kale
58: SZWARZ, Jordan
62: FRITSCH, Andrew
63: LANE, Phil
64: GABRIEL, Kurtis#
65: BLOODOFF, Evan
67: FLEMING, Scott
71: BENNETT, Spencer
72: COLLINS, Chris#
73: KAMBEITZ, Adam#
74: SHINNIMIN, Brendan#
76: HERROD, Brandon#
78: GAUTHIER, Dannick#
80: MILLMAN, Blake#

The kids with the # mark are invited on a tryout basis.  They’ll be scrapping to get offered a professional contract and end up in Portland or Gwinnett.

Apparently Chris Roy was confused when he said that Marek Hrivik was going to be invited to camp.  Alas, it looks like there is no BB Slovak.  Sadness.

Anyways, here’s a bit about the tryout kids that I haven’t already talked about in previous posts.

Let’s start with the LOL invite.  His name is Donnie Maloney, and I swear to God, this is him:

O hai? is his “model” page where he talks about also playing hockey.  lllllllooooooollllllllllll!  He played a couple of games for Las Vegas Wranglers and the Arizona Sun Dogs last year.  I guess he was too busy modeling?

Ok, on to players that are hockey players full time 😉

Umm best team name ever?  Brendan kicked ass and took names last year for the Tri-City Americans, scoring 34 goals and 62 assists for a ridiculous 96 points in 60 games.  Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?  Go kid go.  He was the WHL player of the month for January this year.

In 173 WHL games gathering 61 goals, 111 assists for 172 career points, while maintaining a +45. Consistent.  NICE.

Adam Kambeitz

Adam played for the Red Deer Rebels last season (Marty’s junior team, awwwww) and was 15-23-38 and a +22.  In 8 playoff games he was 2-2-4.  Not shabby.  He doubled his offensive output from the season before.  Trending up anyone?

Spencer Bennett

Spencer was racking up the points for the Vancouver Giants in the WHL last season, with 25 goals/24 assists/49pts in 35 games.  Spencer made a guest appearance at our summer prospect development camp and made enough of an impression to get a rookie camp invite.

The knock on Spencer has been his skating, but hello, that’s what a skating coach is for.  He’s a pretty big kid and can work it down low on the power play.

Scott Fleming

Ahhhh bring on the intellectuals, Scott Fleming is taking the Lee Stempniak path and finished at Dartmouth.  Scoring 13 goals and 18 assists in 32 games, his senior year output was a bit lower than his junior year total of 39 points.

Chris Collins

Darian Dziurzynski’s Blades teammate is gonna make a guest appearance at rookie camp.  Chris Collins had 18 goals and 23 assists for 41 points in 56 games and was a +24.  In 10 playoff games, he had a goal and 3 assists.

Kurtis Gabriel

Kurtis Gabriel was teammates with Coyotes draft pick Andrew Fritsch last season on the Owen Sound Attack.  In 40 games, he had 1 goal and 3 assists.  Yeah, dude, I don’t know.  He must be outstanding at something?

The tryout kids that I’ve previously blogged about include Blake Milliman, Dylan King, Marc-Andre Dorion, Dannick Gauthier, Brandon Herrod, and Alex Beauregard so you can go back and check those out if you are curious.

Rookie camp starts on Saturday the 11th and it’s open to the public so you can go check it out, free of charge.

Be expecting a crapload of pictures cuz I am SO FREAKING READY FOR HOCKEY.

And so freaking ready to see BB Goalie.  Gonna try to top this picture but I don’t know if I can:

Goalie of the BB variety.

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One Response to Modern Day Paul Revere: The Rookies Are Comin’, The Rookies Are Comin’!!!

  1. Carol says:

    Huh, no Czech… is that good or bad?
    Experts always say our hockey is going down and that we shouldn’t let young players leave to America and release them from the system… I wonder what you, as an American, think about it? Let them go or let them develop at home?

    And that photo you picked didn’t do Maloney any justice, he has some interesting pieces in his portfolio! 😀

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