Goodbye. Hello. OMFG TEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!!!!

Woe is Lee. Woe is me.

Oh man.  Trades are never easy, unless they involve us fleecing the Rangers for all they’re worth.  Today we sent Lee to the Flames.  A sad day indeed.  Lee stormed into Phoenix on fire and I assume he will do the same in Calgary.  A pissed off Stempniak is an effective Stempniak.  He wasn’t going to get the playing time he wanted, because, let’s face it, Vrbata and Doan aren’t sitting on the bench much.  ( ❤ Vrby! 😀 )

Let’s address his parting words. “You want to play in a place where hockey matters,” he asserted. “You love being in a market like that. That was one of things I really enjoyed in Toronto. Being there and knowing the whole city cared about hockey.”

Let’s break this down.  He had JUST found out that his employer thought he was expendable.  That sucks.  He needed to say positive things about going to Calgary and what else was he going to say?  Feaster sucks.  The team hasn’t made the playoffs while the Coyotes have.  The only thing Calgary has up on us right now is that they are, in fact, nuts about hockey, while the valley isn’t.  Lee is a good dude, he seriously is.  It’s slightly annoying that he said that, but, honestly, it’s not untrue.  Don’t be butthurt at him because he said something true that you’d rather not be reminded of.  Nobody likes an inferiority complex.

Good luck kid.

( Note: For any future players leaving, to learn how to leave and still be beloved, please contact Zbynek Michalek. )

Stempniak stands apart from the others during the national anthem. Why? Cuz he's an American Hero bitches!

So with the exit of Sir Snipeniak of Lee Manor, we are bringing in a familiar face.  Maybe familiar to y’all, but not familiar to me.  Daymond Langmoose (Langkow)?  Is that like a beefed up Robert Lang?

First of all, he used to room with Doan back in the day so he must be a pretty quality dude.  Second, he had to waive a no movement clause to come here.  Third, we were pretty damn desperate for a center, and as much as I like Andy Miele, it couldn’t be him.  Fourth, this creates an opening (more on that).

With a 4.5 million dollar salary, there’s gonna be some lofty ass expectations on production.  We could have kept Lombardi for that kinda dough.   Langmoose is coming back from a sick neck injury that kept him out the final 10 games two seasons ago and almost all of last season.  He does have 642 points over 1,017 career NHL games, but……. he’s kinda old.  I wouldn’t exactly want him centering a line of Boedker and Korpikoski if ya know what I’m saying.

Oooooh he plays defense too! /GoalieSits

We traded our #22 for their #22.  Goodbye right wing, hello Center.  More importantly, hello opening at RW.


Do you know who plays RW?  VIKTOR MOTHERFUCKING TIKHONOV Y’ALL.  This move is a HUGE opportunity for Teeks to whoop ass in camp and make the team.  OH PLEASE HOCKEY GODS.

Boeds is also a RW, but you figure that he already had a spot on the team, so maybe Boeds plays 3rd line in Lee’s spot and Teek grinds it out on the 4th line and kills penalties.  DUDE, I DON’T EVEN KNOW, BUT THIS IS A BIG FUCKING DEAL FOR ME RIGHT NOW.  Teeker is so much closer to making the team now than he was this morning.  BIG DEAL.  NO LIE.

Let’s talk about the problem for Brett MacLean.  Korps, Pyatt, Whitney, and Torres are all play Left Wing.  Korps and Pyatt were up there in goals, and Whitney and Torres both bring more experience and size (well not Whitney) than Mac.  Plus, there’s that whole skating/defense thing.  Korps could play Center in theory, but we have Nokie as our extra center already.  No room at the inn for Mac?



Jonas: She lurves u man! Teek: 😀 I know

PS ~ Oliver’s jetting back into town on September 5th.  I think he’ll be the last one back, assuming Turris signs and gets  his butt down here.

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