The Dog Ate My Homework!?! Andy, There Isn’t Homework Anymore……

Andy Miele pretty much made college hockey his bitch last season.

Andy won the Hobey Baker, was the USA Hockey college player of the year, CCHA Player of the Year, Time Magazine’s Man of the Year, and Playboy’s January playmate.  Wait, two of those aren’t correct………

Andy & his girlfriend Erin Andrews........ crap, that's not right either!

At University of Miami Ohio, in 39 games, Andy put up a fucking ridiculous 24-47-71.  The year prior, he had 15 goals, 29 assists for 44 points in 43 games, still pretty sick.  He also had Assistant Captain responsibilities his senior year.  He considers himself a playmaker with a “feisty style”.  Exactly how feisty can a 5’8 (on a good day with skates on) player be?  I guess we will find out.

Mikkel isn't very tall............. and then there's Andy.

Andy’s a smooth skater that is more manueverable than speedy.  What is going to give him a shot at a successful NHL career are his hands and his vision.

X......E.......L........P Umm not that kinda vision there slick

Andy knows what to do with the puck and handles it calmly in traffic.  If he is anywhere near the net, the goalie better wake the hell up because the rubber will be flying at the twine.

Check out a recent interview with Andy:  The Hockey Guys

Andy’s a pretty avid tweeter and you can follow him on twitter @Andy_Miele.  He’s a witty kid and definitely says some things that shatter the “give it 100%” hockey player answer cliches.  When asked about BizNasty, Andy said “Haha, every person I talk to asks me what he is like, I would like to say I finally have some twitter competition BUT he is like an NHL superstar when it comes to twitter, and I am a high school all-state player.”

I actually greatly prefer to follow Andy, but that’s just me.  Sample tweets:

@Andy_Miele  Just saw a bat fly into the stands… Woulda caught that sh** with my teeth #raw

@Andy_Miele As I eat my craft mac n cheese I’m trying to figure out which noodle I like eating the most… Patrick, sponge bob, gary, or squidward.

Doin' werk at summer prospect camp

At summer prospect camp this July, Andy was far and away the best forward.  However, he’s also far and away the oldest and most experienced forward so take that into consideration.  It’s looking like Andy will start the year in Portland, just to get used to the speed and hitting of the pro game.  He’ll likely get some injury call-up games, as we are hella short on centers.  Or maybe he’ll have a stellar camp and blow everyone out of the freaking water and make the team.  Considering how hard GMDM is pushing to bring in an experienced center, it’s not super likely.






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One Response to The Dog Ate My Homework!?! Andy, There Isn’t Homework Anymore……

  1. @resound says:

    I so want to see Andy make the team right out of camp. I think he’s the most NHL ready out of any of the rookies.

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