Lookout BB Goalie, There’s A New BB In Town……

The newest names thrown into the ring for Rookie camp include Dylan King from Sault Ste. Marie (SOO!) and Marc-Andre Dorion from McGill.  And this other kid.  Marek Hrivik.  Not only is he Slovak, he’s from the same hometown as MY Slovak!  BB SLOVAK!!!!   NEW FAVORITE!

BB Slovak is already BFF with Gormley. SIGN HIS ASS UP! (This hat pops up again later....)

According to Hockey’s Future, Marek is “talented offensively, Hrivik also showed a willingness to do the smaller things that help win games including a crucial buy-in with Moncton’s defense-first system. With a quick shot and a nose for the net, the 19-year-old is a constant threat in the offensive zone, but needs to continue to work on his skating. Struggling at times with consistent effort, Hrivik is at his best when he engaging the opposition and using his body to create chances and protect the puck.”

Here is the Moncton coach talking about Marek and fellow Wildcat, Kirill Kabanov

Bad highlights and a Guns N Roses tshirt?  I lurve him already.

In his QMJHL rookie season, Hrivik played in 66 games for the Wildcats.  He scored 26 goals and added 29 assists for 55 points, finishing a +24 for the season.  In 21 playoff games, Hrivik scored 5 goals and chipped in 12 assists for 13 points to help the Wildcats win the QMJHL championship.

Oh, and his goals?  Kind of a big f-ing deal.

I'm kind of excite. ZOMGGGGGG

And he was in the middle of this clusterfuck in a PLAYOFF game.  Oh BB Slovak.

Wuuuuuuuuuut was that hot mess?

Kirill and Marek. Oh Lord.

Now for those other two potential prospects (WHO I WILL NOW BE ACTIVELY ROOTING AGAINST).  A slightly less warm reception is about to ensue.

Dylan King.

In 68 games with SOO, Dylan was 4-17-21, which isn’t TOO shabby for a Dman, but 117 penalty minutes?  WTF?

This is NOT a good way to make a first impression.

Lastly, we have Marc-Andre Dorion, who was at McGill.

Umm, so this happened. (WTF is up with this hat!?!?!?!)

In 25 college games last season, Dman Marc-Andre went 8-29-37 which is pretty ridiculous.   Umm. So.  I guess we’ll see how he stacks up against the Major Junior kiddos.  Our Dmen run pretty deep so it may take a really good showing to even crack the Gwinnett roster.

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