Butt – In – Seat Anxiety


Single game tickets went on sale today for the Coyotes and I’m really surprised at the tickets that are available.  Keep in mind that for the games I wanted to upgrade, I want to take pictures during the game so I went a specific section  and group of rows.  When my rep called me back and gave me the availability of the seats, I was floored.  The only non-season ticket holder seats were all the way up in row I.  ROW I.  And it’s just 1 seat I needed!  She tells, “well we do  have over 1,000 new season ticket holders”.

We’ve all heard about the 1k+ new peeps and in theory, that’s great.  1,000 extra people at each game is super noticeable.  But, who are these people?  You have to think that they are people who came to a lot of games anyways and just decided to go all-in with season tickets.  Is it going to even seem like there are more people?  Will we still have giant sections of open seats?  Is there only place the new people are gonna be noticeable in the bathroom and concession lines?

Last year our average attendance was 12,188.  Oy.  Only the Isles were worse than us.  Even if you imagine that all 1k+ new peeps really ARE new and add that 1000 onto our total, we still don’t move ahead of Atlanta, which averaged 13,469.  When you still aren’t averaging more fans than a team that has ALREADY relocated, it’s a bad scene.

Yes, I know we don’t have an owner and that makes people insecure about investing time, money, and love into a team that may move.  But fucking eh, this is the third season like this and either you love hockey enough to attend games or you don’t.  You’ve missed out on two good years of hockey if this is what scared you away.  Don’t hide behind bullshit excuses like it’s too far, I know plenty of people who made the drive from Mesa for every game.  Get a 20 pack and just come on weekends………. JUST GET YOUR ASS IN THE SEATS.


I’m pretty concerned about how much impact our play is gonna have on people attending games.  With the unknown factor in goal and yet another offseason where we didn’t add a serious scorer, it’s more grinding hockey on the horizon.  I pray to the hockey gods that we get out of the gate with a good start or the arena can get pretty disgustingly empty pretty quickly.

Sorry, had to get that off my chest.  I cannot stand when the arena is so empty.  Worst. thing. ever.

Moooooooooooooooooooooooving on……..

My buddy Kevin over at Hell on Ice asked me to contribute a bit to his season preview.  All of his previews are “Daria-themed”, which cracks me up.  You can check it out with the link below and check out his everyday awesomeness on his twitter:  Twitter link

Phoenix Coyotes Preview    —  it’s a pretty comprehensive preview, especially enjoyable if you are of the age that remembers Daria.

In other news, my buddy @Resound gave a rundown on the players that are at Athlete’s Resource Camp at the Ice Den in Scottsdale already — : Doan, Whitney, Oakie, Mike Smith, Demo, Roszival, Klesla, Vandermeer, and homeboy, Zac Larazza.

Apparently no one told the new Czechs that the cool kid Czechs don’t come back until the LAST week of August.  Must have needed to move their crap into their new places.

Also:  O HAI MIKE SMITH!!!!!








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2 Responses to Butt – In – Seat Anxiety

  1. @resound says:

    Is that a Doan Nation comeback I smell? Co-host lives in Mesa now.

  2. Carol says:

    I’ve never seen my hometown’s arena at least half-full (counting our fans, not opponent’s… sometimes they have advantage, uh). For a one of the biggest cities in CZE with 100k residents, the attendance is rather poor as it rarely reaches 1000 people. And it’s not like the guys play bad hockey or have a real competition from any other local sports team.
    But I understand that with threat of moving the team my home team’s problem won’t most likely make you feel better.

    That Daria Themed Preview is cool. Like really cool. Like… Darla, eh.
    Also, I totally love your new… how do you call it… heading? These drawing are awesome.

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