Stone Cold Stunna

With camp coming up in a few weeks, I’m continuing taking a look at some of the slightly more aged prospects that will be spending their year in Portland.  Michael Stone is a very interesting player.  In addition to being a very solid defender, he possesses a freakin’ booming shot that is accurate.  Now we aren’t talking Zdeno Chara, but I’ll be damned if I’m gonna get in front of that sucker.

Looks natural right?

Let’s just get the bad news out of the way right off the bat.  Mike’s from Winnipeg.  Damnit, first Summers was from Michigan and now Stone’s from the Peg.  It’s like we’re running a refugee camp for kids from places we don’t like.  Once again, let’s not hold his homeland against him.  He played his Junior hockey in the WHL for the Calgary Hitmen.

Mike was named to the 08-09 WHL Second All-Star team after scoring 19 goals and 42 assist for 61 points. He also posting a +43 in 69 games. In the playoffs, Mike kicked ass and took names, getting 13 points in 18 games.

In 09-10 Mike was named to the WHL first All-Star team.  In 69 games, he tallied 65 points. His set career highs in goals, with 21, and assists, with 44.  Mike added 20 points in 25 games.  Aka, he’s clutch as hell.

Just in case you were wondering what his shootout move is (he’s the first shooter):

Last year was Mike’s first year as a pro and spent the whole year with the Rampage.  He had 2 goals and 11 assists in 70 games, but his first year was really about learning the pro game.

As a favor, a Rampage insider gave me some tidbits about Stone.  She had this to say, “I’m going to miss that guy the most out of everyone and was probably my favorite guy on the team just because he was so entertaining on camera (read: awkward). He might not have been as experienced in front of cameras as any of the other guys, but bless him, he always said yes whenever I’d ask him to do a fan interview or an interview about an event.”

Evidence #1:

Mike: “I like dogs”.   Boys like dogs, who knew?  I lol’d.

Not everyone thrives or enjoys the spotlight, but it’s damn endearing when they do it anyway.

A bit about this vid  from the actual interviewer:

 I ask Stone, “What was the best part of today for you?” and he gives an answer.I start asking the next question when Bracken starts laughing, Stone looks at him:
“Are you laughing at me?! CUT! I’m done!” (Mike walks off)
Me: “Seriously?!”
Bracken: “No- I’ll go get him”
(Mike comes back)
Bracken: “Come on- let’s hug it out!”
Stone: “No (gets hugged)”

Does Bracken have to register as a sex offender? No means no.

Another good story from the dog training class when Stone and Bracken Kearns are given a bag of cut up hot dogs to help train the dogs. Bracken gives Stone the bag and the poor guy reaches in and has this disgusted look of his face. The trainer comes over:

Trainer: “What’s wrong? It’s only hot dogs!”

Mike:  “Yeah but it’s….” (gets cut off)

Trainer:  “Come on, you’re a hockey player! You see blood and stuff all the time!”

Mike: (Looks at her like she’s never actually seen a hockey game) “Um, not really…”

And he got cut off again by the trainer just walking away and Bracken chuckling at the whole exchange.

And he can read!

As Captain for the Calgary Hitmen, Mike gained a bit of experience with a leadership role that included talking to media ………. and apparently he also doesn’t shirk the responsibility of standing up for his teammates.

Mike didn’t do too badly against a more experienced fighter in Darian.  If Darian Dziurzynski sounds familiar, it’s because we drafted him this year.  Awkward.

On a side note, holy crap, are there any Yotes prospects that Dziurzynski hasn’t fought?  I’ve found fights against Weller and Stone so far!

Anyways, Mike Stone is a big dude that can lay out some big hits and then down and score a goal from the blue line.  He has quite a bit of power play experience and that is always desperately needed in Coyoteland.  He’s a really likeable kid that’s articulate and easy to root for.

Here’s Mike talking playing against his brother and how his parents deal with it:

She apparently doesn't have eyes for you there Mike

....... she loves the foreigners!

See you in a couple weeks!

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