Tweet A Lil’ Tweet To Me

With the signing of Mikkel comes the verification that his @MikkelBoedker twitter is, in fact, really him.  All 1 tweet of it.  Like a year ago.  Yep.   Then, one of the prospects announced HE was on twitter so I decided to count up our players on twitter……. 13.  13 players!  The prospects should be good times to follow during rookie and training camp.  A couple of them live twitpic’d the prospect camp so check them out!


Paul Bissonnette ~ @BizNasty2point0

Duh, you knew that.

Twitter? My followers read the bible Kyle.

Kyle Turris ~  @Kyle Turris   ………. glad I could decode that one for y’all.

Hey you, follow me!

Mikkel Boedker ~ @MikkelBoedker …….. suggested to him by @KyleTurris no doubt.

Imma tweet in here.....

Oliver Ekman-Larsson ~ @HockeyOlli  ……. he recently went through a spurt of tweets while training with Tingsryd in Sweden.

Rockin' the blue

Andy Miele ~  @Andy_Miele ……….. less filter than most, funny, and doesn’t have to try hard to be.  He twitpic’d the summer camp antics.  He’s actually my favorite of all our tweeters.

Chris Summers ~ @Chri5ummers …… occasional tweets, funny twitpics

Follow Chef Gonch

Maxim Goncharov ~ @Goncharov57 ……… hope you can read Russian

Brett Hextall ~ @BHextall  ……….. funny like Andy Miele but he tweets a lot……. like he’s a quasi Harry Potter geek.  He twitpic’d the prospect summer camp shenanigans.

Stretch together, play together, tweet together....

Brett MacLean ~ @MackAttack_39  ……….. he and @KyleTurris tweet like old ladies.

Ethan Werek ~ @Werek25  …………. couple tweets a day…. meh.

Zac Larazza ~ @ZacLarraza16 ……… sample tweet:  “Got word from @Cmurphy5. “Surgery went well I’m just chillin at the hospital now” everyone wish him a fast recovery.”

Haha I ❤ this pic. BB Finn and Connor FTW!

Connor Murphy ~ @Cmurphy5  ……… uses Zac as his press secretary

Andrew Fritsch ~ @FritschA19 …….. umm yes, that IS one of my pics as his twitter pic!  He’s our newbie to twitter.

Get a followin’ to get a different look at rookie and training camp.

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