Leaving Las Vegas


This post is going to be a bunch of recent tidbits all smooshed together.  It’s mid-August and the suffering is almost over!  The boys should be hitting the ice at the Ice Den over the next two weeks for Athlete’s Resource Camp, or as I lovingly refer to it….. Pre-Camp Camp.

Someone feed Turris! Kyle.... EAT!

Athlete’s Resource has a facebook page with a link to their website that has the ice schedule if you want to go check it out.  The closer to September, the more boys that are back.

In accordance with moving our AHL affiliation from San Antonio to Portland, Maine, we’ve also now moved our ECHL relationship from Las Vegas to Gwinnett, Georgia.  OOOOOOOOH MAN, it’s gonna be humid there.

Our colors already matched. I swear to God that may be why we picked them, you know we love to be matchy-matchy.

Their team twitter feed is @gwtgladiators and I made a twitter list of Gladiator fans already.  You can follow the list from my twitter page.  Their head coach is new this year and pretty young…… he quit playing in the ECHL in 2007.  The team was 30-34-3 last year with the Thrashers’ development players.

With our stacked D, they’ll likely get some quality defensemen.  Forwards?  Who needs goals?  Oh, and we don’t have any goalies signed for them.  That’s not a problem right?  With the unemployment rate in America, surely someone needs a job!  Those would be some kickass tryouts.

Maximus D. Lion

How friggen’ cute is their mascot.  If Howler gets injured, Max could get a call to the Show!

In news closer to home, apparently there are potential owners.  Not only are there potential owners, but they could have NHL approval by Friday and be cutting a check on Monday.  I will believe this when I see it.  Potential owner dude (NOT REINSDORF) will be in town on Monday, SO WEST SIDERS, TRY NOT TO FREAKING RUN ANYONE IN A SUIT OVER.

Hesistant wooooooooo

Link to Roc\’s article

Link to Phx Biz Journal\’s article

It makes me slightly uneasy that we have no idea who these guys are.  I mean, I hate to ruin everyone’s dream, but it’s not me.  As always, have hope, move forward.

In belated news………..




Now if he can just make the damn team……… cuz his contract allows him to go to Europe if he doesn’t make the NHL team.  No Portland for Teeks.  AND I CAN’T HANDLE THAT.  YOU HEAR ME TIPPETT?  YOU ALREADY CHASED PRUCHA TO EUROPE.  WATCH UR STEP BUCKO.

Haha no, wait, she's gonna maim him for me

He was just signed to a one year deal, so if he doesn’t make the team, we are basically dead to him.  And we’re dead to him?


Ok that may be a bit melodramatic.  BUT NOT REALLY.

In funny news, this :

Coyotes: Taking Canada by storm, one bathroom stall at a time.....

Hahahahahaha thanks to @Czechtacular for that gem.

And finally…..

Nokie wore a white shirt. O hai.

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