RSVP For Rookie Camp

TRAINING CAMP IS COMING!  TRAINING CAMP IS COMING!!!!!!  How do I know it’s getting closer?  Names of players who are getting invitations to camp for a tryout are starting to show up.  With just a day or two over a month until rookie camp opens up, let’s look at who the newbies at camp will be.

Names were originally tweeted by the Maine Hockey Journal.  Link

Two of the players are from the St. Johns Sea Dogs from the QMJHL, the team that won the Memorial Cup this year.

Alexandre Beauregard

Alex and Jon H, the third overall pick in this year's draft.

In the 28 games that Alex Beauregard played for Saint Johns, the winger was 7-6-13 and was a +11.  In 19 playoff games, he was 1-2-3.

The other Sea Dog coming to camp is winger Danick Gauthier.  In 65 games for St Johns, Danick was 11-19-30 and was a +21.  In 18 playoff games, he had 3-1-4.


Blake Millton will be trying to get a contract after his first season at Camp Breton, where he had 1-2-3 and was -7.  In four playoff games, he had no points.   While his point total isn’t very impressive for a winger, Blake is big and very strong.  On July 31st, he participated in Prince County Exhibition’s Youth Strongman competition, which he won. Youth Strongman events featured:

Test of strength – place successively heavier stones on barrels. The weights were 180, 230, 260, 280 and 320 pounds. Timed event.

Farmers walk – carry 200-poind weights in each hand for 150 feet. Timed event.

Tire flip – flip an 800-pound tire as many times as possible in 75 seconds.

Carry-and-drag medley – carry a 200-pound keg for 50 feet, and drag a sled with a 140-pound keg back 50 feet. Timed event.

I wouldn't mess with him yo.

The final name out there as being a camp invitee is from the WHL team the Prince Albert Raiders.  Brandon Herrod had 28 goals, 40 assists in 71 games, although he was a -14.  In 6 playoff games, the forward had 1 goal and 5 assists.

Mad points!

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