Let’s Assign Playing Time Based On A Race!

How slow is the news this off-season?  It’s SO SLOW that I’m gonna blog about what Olli is up to in Sweden.  He’s doing some training with Tingsryd to get ready for the year.  They did the Cooper test and he smoked all the others, no surprise there.  He also went on the ice to practice.  If Olli’s on the ice, that means hockey season is coming soon!  Woot!

Also, how awesome is it that they have videos through the summer?  We have………… not that.  Send a camera home with some of the boys for the love of God, we’re dying here!

I guess they had to let him train with the boys, I mean, he IS an ambassador for Tingsryd!

Tingsryd Ambassador

The boy can wear white.

A plaque and flowers? Give the man a key to the city!

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