F-Detroit, Hope, and Farewell

The NHL Network is replaying the Coyotes/Wings playoff series this week.  I got sucked into watching it as I was cruising the channel.  Turns out that, even though I know it will be painful as fuck, I cannot pass over watching the boys.   You can check the schedule for the replay of our lovely sweep.

Vrby could put it here. #TWSS

It was also a great reminder of how much I freaking hate Detroit.  I tell people that I hate the Peg more than Detroit, but when I see Abdelkader…….. UGH.  Franzen, Bertuzzi, Helm, Stuart, and Holmstrom?  Torture is against my personal beliefs, but I would be up for waterboarding them a couple hours per day.  Or throwing a drink on them and lighting a match.

So. much. hate.

Anyways, watching hockey made me crave new games and I can’t wait for the new season.  Yes, we lost Fiddy.  Yes, we lost some other “key” players (O hai Bryz), but I’m still hopeful.  I’m excited to see what Mike Smith has in store for us.  I’m completely psyched to see Boyd Gordon, who I’ve deemed as “Extra Strength Fiddy”.   Can’t wait to see how much the Kid Line has grown over the summer and expect big things from Kyle and Mikkel.  Speaking of which, Kyle Tyrone Turris, Mikkel Tyrell Boedker, and Viktor Ty Tikhonov, you three can sign those damn contract any day now!  I feel like Olli and Schlem are both going to push hard for ice time and may push out a more geriatric player (O hai Dmo).

Youth movement!

In random Coyotes news, the VP of ticket sales, David Burke is leaving us to be…….. get this………… the President of the Houston Aeros.  The Aeros went all the way to the Calder Cup finals this year and are being partially profiled on the MN Wild 24/7-esque show “Becoming Wild” which is available to watch online on the Wild website.  It’s a pretty sick ass show.

Becoming Wild Link

Anyways, according to the article “Burke, 32, joins the Aeros from the NHL’s Phoenix Coyotes, where he served as the Vice President of Ticket Sales and Service since 2007. Last season he oversaw a department that ranked No. 1 in the NHL in ticket revenue increase, No. 3 in average ticket price increase, and No.1 in the decrease of comp tickets. In his new role, Burke will oversee the day-to-day business operations of the Aeros front office.”

Burke Article Link

Those numbers are pretty cool, even keeping in mind that we had a loooooooooong way to go in making up ground on all the other teams in ticket sales.  Go us!

My future sweet ass ride!

K Czechs and Finns, I'm ready for you to come home.

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