Damn Hooligan Kids…… Get Off Our La…..Ice. Wait, no, come back!

Alas the mini-hockey oasis in the middle of the sweltering summer has passed.  The draftees got broken in a bit and the vets shook some rust off.  It must be crazy exciting to be able to take one step closer to realizing a dream that you’ve had your whole life.  That’s why I love the younger players.  They’re still so excited about everything and driven.

MVP forward was Andy Miele.  Granted, his age and experience gave him a huge step up and a couple other forwards will likely have a similar skillset when they are his age, although may not have quite as nice of hands.  I’ll be excited to follow his year in Portland and maybe he’ll catch a break and get some call up games.  God knows we are paper-thin at the center position.

Best of the rest include Chris Brown, Jordan Szwarz, and Evan Bloodoff.  Meh, maybe I’m biased, but I like gritty, speedy forwards.  They aren’t really pure goal scorers, but they get the job done.  A hole that we have in our prospect pipeline is that we don’t really have a Vrbata/Stempniak goal scorer.   I hope that Jordan and Evan go to Portland.  We are dying for AHL forwards and they’ll earn some decent ice time I think.  Chris is back to Michigan so he’s not really an option.  Brett Hextall will be in Portland too so some other teams will be having some large ass bruises.

Best rookie forward may have been Lucas Lessio.  He showed a lot and you can tell he WANTS it.

Keep in mind that this camp wasn’t very conducive to showing off the games of the more physical players.  You don’t want to see Hextall and Dziurzynski nail a kid in the corner in a development camp.  Although they did not stand out, I think that quite a few kids have a lot better game that they showed in these days.  Kids like Brett, Darian, Kale, and Maxim.

MVP Dman was definitely Brandon Gormley.  He’s just so frickin’ talented.  You can’t say enough about how smart he is positionally and knowing when to jump in the play and when he needs to be back.  He says he likes to liken his game to a Lidstrom.  Dude, you’re a Coyote, you’re totally a Yandle.  So bummed he’ll either have to make the NHL team or go back to Moncton.  No AHL for you kiddo.

Best of the rest include Max Goncharov, Mike Stone, and Connor Murphy.  Connor had a good camp for his first time out.  Max is just so big and physical.  His body is ready for some call up games this year, but it’s always tough to adapt to the NHL speed and he was just getting used to the North American style of game towards the end of last year.  We’ll see.  Mike?  Mike is gonna be a frickin’ workhorse in the AHL this year.  Max, Mike, and Chris Summers are going to have monster minutes and play in all situations of the game for Portland.  We do have 7 Dmen for the Yotes roster, but if two get hurt at the same time, someone is getting called up.  SCARY.  In theory our 6 D could include Schlem, Olli, and a rookie.  BRB HYPERVENTILATING.  *breathes into a sack*

Best rookie dman was Connor, but don’t sleep on Harrison Ruopp either.  I think he’ll do a lot better at rookie camp now that he has the nerves worked out.

Goalies:  Oh lord the goalies.  Mike was hurt.  Mark got hurt.  Louie was up and down based on situation (up during actual attack times and down during drills) and Jacob was up and down based on day (terrible to start, much better at the end).  Now we all know I’m biased as hell, but…….. you give me ONE game that HAS to be won………. I’m taking Domingue.  Give me a best of seven series?  Maybe I take Visentin.  I’m suddenly flashing back to Mighty Ducks where Julie was the specialist and Goldberg was the workshorse.  No, I’m NOT calling BB Goalie a girl………

Anywayz, there’s only 8 weeks until rookie camp and the whole crew comes back and gets to skate on ice that isn’t embarrassingly pathetic.  Can’t wait to see them.  Exciting!

I’ll attach some of my favorite pics below, but to see all the Day 3 pics I took, you can check out the album on my blog’s facebook page… “like” it while you’re there!

Camp Day 3 Pics

OH MY GOD. Connor is trying to translate for BB Finn. This isn't going to end well.

Guess who led stretches? And a BB Finn shall lead them.......

I am, by far, the oldest dude here. Except Tippett. One skate in the grave man.....

Weller & Ruopp

IM READY. Guys? ........... Guys? WHERE IZ YOUZ?

Heh heh, how long you think he'll stay out there?


Haha, BB goalie won't be needing this.........



Guy on the right: ZOMG Evan: I go play wif him. Youz guyz are mean.


Huh, so there is your story of BB goalie’s camp.  lol.

Max ............. he should ALWAYS be in technicolor

Jesus loves me, this I know, for Brandon's necklaces tells me soooooooooooo

Don't mess with Texas. ...... or Chris Brown. Same thing really.

Gah, my soft spot for BB Ruopp.

BB goalie spent too much time at the fountains at Westgate

Hahahaha nice hair Zac


Weller, quit trying to show up Darian's hair. It's about style, not Finger-In-A-Lightsocket-ness

LMAO Kale. I greatly enjoy Kale too, his hockey faces are gold.

How do you do it man? IDK, it just grew that way.

Evan: AJ? IS THAT YOUZ? Colin..... is that AJ?

O HAI! *zamboni runs him over, maiming forever* Noooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!

Audition for toothpaste commercial. Pretend ur hockey players. And.............. ACTION!

Look to the left and emote "listening to goalie coach" GOOD BRANDON! SMILE MORE EVAN, WE'RE SELLING TOOTHPASTE, NOT HOOKED ON PHONICS.

WE'RE LOSING EVAN, REPEAT WE'RE LOSING EVAN. Brandon has perfect toothpaste-selling perma-smile.

Hahahaha suckers, I live here, HOME FIELD ADVANTAGE. Wait..... rink, Zac, rink.

Brown: Hmmmm whatcha drinkin' foreigner. Ur underage in Amurika

The ice is melting. Is it hot in here, or is it just me? 😉 No Andy, seriously, it was hot in there.

ZOMG ur right, it IS hot in here.

Haha I ❤ this pic. BB Finn and Connor FTW!

I zip mah lipz. SEE?

It was a good practice and you got to see some scrimmage drills.  There were two teams:

The Goody-Two-Shoes Bench Sitters


vs the Rebellious Hooligan Ice Tredders


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