Scappy-Dappy-Doo, Baby Coyotes Fight Too!

Darian, in addition to awesome hair, is a bit of a fighter.  Quite a bit of a fighter actually.  In six years, when he’s scrappin’ for the Yotes, there will be cascades of cheers and one girl yelling ‘DON’T HIT HIS HAIR’.

and OMG awkward, here is Darian’s fight with fellow Coyotes prospect (and camp attendee) Justin Weller….

Darian isn’t the only prospect that has some fights under his belt.

You don’t want Jordan Szwarz pissed off at you.  I love this fight.  HE BEATS BITCHES UP!

Also this:  bahahahaha wooooooooooooooo Jordan!

Please refer to Jordan’s mother only using kind terms:

Also little BB Evan has a little kick in his ass

But most impressive of all may be Brett Hextall who lights this kid up and then is SUPER EXCITED about it!

Chris Brown talks about fighting here (and about buying a shake weight for Xmas)

And here is the bench-clearing brawl with Russia that Chris talks about:

Our little baby Kale Kessy with a big hit and then fights Rangers prospect Dylan McIlrath (who is a badass)

Woooooooooooooooooo Kale!

And Baby Harrison Ruopp.  He has laid some huge ass open ice hits and he has a few fighting skills:

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