Best of the Rest

More mish-mash of poor pictures from Thursday/Friday at prospect camp.

Mark before he tweaked his groin. Stretch fool!


I know this is going to shock you: More Evan.


........ but he's such a smiley kid!

*Deer in headlights*


There's Cali boy

Here's our free agent goalie Jacob

Ugh........ I miss college. Usually it takes longer Andy....


Dude, this is how you lose a tongue.

He looks like he got caught screwing up?

.... we haven't had an Evan pic in a while.......... O THERE HE IS

la la la ............ I know, I can't help it!

Chris waiting to get in the game

Why are you hiding your hair? WHO TOLD YOU?



I stretch ...... and then I kick your ass. #Boom

Lucas that visor doesn't seem to be doing much for you

BB! Goalie! BB GOALIE!

Awkward sighting by Brodeur. Umm hi?

These poor kids. Coach: You'll be doing it too Andy. CRAP.

The hair! It's escaping!

Connor has a happy


Time for an Evan Bloodoff break........ now back to our regularly schedule pics.....

Oh man, I need a nap. Think they'll notice?

I'm trying to focus here. No photos plz!

Andy is ready to go into heavy traffic...... stick first.

Heeeeeeeeey Phil

I always catch Colin at the oddest times


Ok, he's sleeping for realz

What are we looking at? IDK.

Andrew: I'm ready! For what? Ummmm..... anything.

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