Coyotes Prospect Camp: I Was Like Baby Baby Baby Ooooooh

Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamp.  Not real camp, but like sleep away summer camp for babies.  They hike and play games.  They sing song and chase chicks……….. wait, one of those isn’t right.  Anyways, it’s time for prospect development camp.

All the draftees from two weeks ago are in attendance, along with some of our Juniors players and the college kids.  Even Old Man Espy himself is making a cameo appearance.

GMDM don't worry, I'll tell you what to think, just listen to me.


Now I know all of you were DYING to get another look at Nick Ross (hahahahahaha), but alas Mr. Ross was too elderly for camp.  After the first two days, it’s safe to stay that there aren’t any ……….. superstar…….. prospects here.  Last year, Oliver Ekman-Larsson was far and away the class of the field.  There are good players, but there is less of a glaring difference between talent this year.

Let’s start off talking strictly from a hockey performance perspective.  I would say the first team of talent would be……

Forwards:  Andy Miele (C),  Evan Bloodoff (LW) and Jordan Szwarz (RW)

Dmen:  Brandon Gormley, Maxim Goncharov

Goalie:  (as much as this fucking pains me)  Mark Visentin

Miele has wonderful hands, stickhandling, and makes good decisions.  You can definitely tell that he’s a more mature player (he’s a 1988 baby) and is more calm with the puck.  Now can he step onto the NHL team?  No.  Coming out of college, he needs to get knocked around in the AHL for a while before even thinking about anything else.  He needs to get used to the hits and speed or an NHLer could kill his vertically challenged behind.  That being said, I’d pay to watch him in a pick up game.

Who's that wee one in the middle....... O HAI HOBEY BAKER!

Evan…… no it’s not pronounced blood-off……. it’s blew-doff…… is really quick and a good skater.  He’s scrappy for his size and in addition to a controlled shot that he can put places, he’s also willing to go into those traffic areas and take some shit to make a play.  As a point-per-game player for Kelowna, he’ll be a stud by next summer.


Jordan just seems tough.  He isn’t particularly big, but if there is a battle for the puck in the corner, I’d put my money on him coming out with it. He, too, was a point-per-game player last year when he was in Saginaw.  His game has grown a ton since I saw him last Fall and I can’t wait to see what he does this year.

This one didn't turn out that well........ HE NEVER STOPS MOVING = BAD PICS

Brandon only practiced today because “his gear was in transit”.  He’s a smart kid and is positionally sound.  That’s good because his offensive upside is Yandle-esqe.  While he is our smallest Dman, he has the most potential two-way upside.  He’s a good skater and all the teams that let him fall to the 13th pick are stupid.


Max.  Oh Max, you are something.  I don’t know what, but you are something.  Max is big, tough, and has a huge shot.  At the same time, he has a temper, has questionable conditioning (as of now), and isn’t necessarily awesome at aiming that big shot.  He would be an excellent pairing for Brandon because he’s all the things Brandon isn’t, and Brandon is all the things that Max isn’t.

Max. I TIRED. Who apparently needs a nap?

Visentin.  I don’t want to talk about it 😐  No goalie looked particularly good.

No picture of Visentin.  Deal with it goalie.

Forget performance!

Who do I luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurve?


Alexander Ruuttu ~ Hockey rating: 3.5 outta 5.  AJ SQUEE rating:  5 squees.  HE IS A FINN, HOW CAN YOU GO WRONG?  Yes, his Dad is our scout, but apparently we did actually draft him for skill.  He’s a great skater.  His passing is good.  His decisions were solid.  Plus he reminds me of Boedker and you know I love that shit.  He’s super tall and lanky.  If he puts some meat on, he’ll be gold.

Chris Brown. But like, the nice one.

Chris Brown ~ Chris Brown will beat on some bitches, and by bitches I mean Corey Perry, not ACTUAL girls.  He’s gritty and drives the net.  He’ll lay a hit and then take the puck and go score a goal.  If he keeps getting better, he’s gonna be freaking awesome.  Not bad for a Texas kid.

What's that smell? It's success motherfuckers!

Hextall.  Yes, we all know his Dad.  But Brett is a different beast.  He’s tough and smart with the puck, but I’m pretty sure he’ll score more goals in his rookie year than his Dad’s entire career.  Brett seems like he’ll be the one that takes big hits for plays and blocks shots.  I don’t know how to explain it other than he seems like a worker (along the Fiddy/Korps/Winnik vein).  Again, he’s not huge but it seems like he’s got a lot of heart and UND turns out a lot of smart players.

Darian's hair cannot be tamed by a mere helmet

Darian Dzuiraskdfljas ;dfkwej;ijaw;fijasdf.  Ok his real last name is Dziurzynski but tell me that doesn’t make you think of one big keysmash?!?!?!  Darian’s a bigger kid that is tough (seems to be a pattern eh?).  He’s made a couple slick ass passes that caught my eye but mostly he’s another kid that I would put money on coming out of a crowded corner with the puck.  Plus, HE HAS AWESOME HAIR OK?  STOP JUDGING.  Seriously tho, I’m pretty obsessed with his hair.  Pretty sure it needs it’s own twitter account.  Hmmm….

I’m also somewhat partial to Harrison Ruopp.  Don’t ask me why, he’s just endearing as hell.  Possibly because he’s a baby draftee and from far, far away land.

And I saved the best for last:


BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAABY GOALIE.  After being so gracious to some idiot fans (not me 😛 ) at last year’s camp, I am still completely in the Domingue camp.  While he hasn’t had a hot couple of days, I am not fazed because, at camp last Fall, he was meh in practice but was a stud in the game.  You know who taught him that?  PATRICK ROY BITCHES.  Lurve.  Lots o’ lurve.

So…….. what about Connor Murphy?

Dis kid right here

Well, I’m pretty “meh”.  He’s a fine player.  There isn’t really anything that attaches me to him?  Yawn, blah, wahwah, wake me when his shift is over.  So that’s not necessarily a bad thing for a Dman, but …………. I don’t know what it is or what’s lacking but……….. meh.

The rest of the guys, other than Brodeur (Nick Ross clone), didn’t stand out in a good or bad way.

So here are some random pics …… they didn’t turn out great cuz the lighting in Polar Ice is TERRIBLE.

Alex's cheeks match his jersey

Group pics! Not at all awkward. 😐 BUT LOOK, DARIAN'S HAIRZ!


You have a little something on yo’ face. Evan wants popcorn for his movie.

Matheiu B and DARIAN'S HAIR


Happy Andy. Space cadet Evan.





I am a learned man, amongst these uneducated heathens!


This face could sell ice cream to an ice cream man.


So....... I take a lotta pics of Evan.


More skating........ ur shitting me right?

At least I'm getting paid...............oh shit. FML


Ladies, this isn't a dress rehearsal, THROW THAT GEAR ON

Chris Brown ……. patrolling?

All up in the Finnish grill

Why you haffa turn away, you ruin shot!


This didn't turn out clearly but ❤ Connor and Chris laughs


Whoa, hello stranger


I wasn't kidding, I took a TON of pictures of Evan


The aforementioned "ton" may actually qualify as a "shit-ton"


Chris is pretty aloof about drills. IVE BEEN HERE BEFORE OK? As opposed to the rookies OH SHIT look.


D, where's ur hair?

Alex totally smacks of Mikkel Boedker. Scandibabians FTW!

HE IS SUCH A HAPPY CHILD (yep, a shit-ton of pics)

Umm, I don't really know to what to do..... can I get a translator up in here?


Much like Danes, Finns enjoy a mouthguard as a tasty snack.

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey Andy. Quit thinking up funny tweets and pay attention!


Andy wears his helmet like Upshall did...... barely.

So how you think I'm doing coach?!?!!? Coach: Which one are you again? Awwww.



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3 Responses to Coyotes Prospect Camp: I Was Like Baby Baby Baby Ooooooh

  1. jackie says:

    more pictures of harrison ruopp please? lol

  2. yotesgurl says:

    Gah, it’s not that I didn’t take them, it’s just that they didn’t turn out. I took about 200 pics and these are the only ones that turned out. It just happened that a lot of are of Evan and also Darian’s hair. I’ll try to target Harrison on Sunday 🙂

  3. samantha says:

    I love looking at the photos of the boys i really want to see more of harry ruopp because i grew up with him here in saskatchewan and the only way i get news of harry is from his brother who has been in my class since ever.

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