Summertime Blues And I Ain’t Talkin’ Oshie and Backes

It’s getting to that part of the summer where the ache from missing hockey is more than an occasional pang, but more like a painful gnawing that won’t stop.  I guess we can still see hockey, if you count watching twin bitches Burrows and Bieksa.  Ugh.  Burrows I saw you slash Radim in the back of the knees in two separate games, so karma finally got you back……. in the form of Bieksa having it happen to him.

Go Bruins.  Kesler, you’re on probation for your “living up here is almost like being Canadian” bullshit.  You’re an American Hero, knock off this Stockholm Syndrome shit.

Anyways, back to topic.  The summer survival guide for Coyotes fans.  In less than two weeks, the NHL schedule will come out.  YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY.  Then you can start planning hockey roadtrips.  With no Prague this year and a car that actually is dependable, I’m out yo!

About a week after the schedule comes out are the derp-filled NHL Awards.  There promises to be more Bobby Ryan vs Ryan Getzlaf and that is win:

Damn Canadians.

After the Awards come the draft in MN.  The Coyotes are picking 20th, 51st, 56th (Philly’s pick from the Uppy trade), 111th, 141st, 155th (Isles pick from Montoya trade), 196th (Ranger’s pick from Anders Erikson trade) and 201st.

Next up is the scary ass July 1st free agency deadline.  This is when we find out who of Bryzgalov, Vrbata, Belanger, Fiddler, Jovo, and LaBarbara will be back.  *SPOILER ALERT* Jovo won’t be.  Bryz prolly not either.

Last July 1 had me laying on the floor in full-on ugly cry mode for 45 minutes when the Pens signed Z.  And I feel it coming on again.  BRB.

After July 1, assuming we all survive, we will have rookie camp to look forward to sometimes during the first two weeks of July.  The draft kids and some of the young prospects come to town to get shown the ropes.  Good times.

Then comes the dry spell until pre-camp camp starts in the middle of August.  The North Americans and guys with kids are usually the first to start showing up in the middle of August.  By the last week of August, pretty much all the boys are back and skating at the Den.

Finally, the first weekend in September is rookie training camp.  Excite!  This will run into regular training camp and then it’s pre-season.


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