This Weller Never Runneth Dry?

After signing Louie Domingue (BB GOALIE!) and Jordan Szwarz to entry level contracts yesterday, Don Maloney was busy again, signing Justin Weller.  Justin’s a Dman from the Red Deer Rebel (where Marty played Juniors for like a year) and was 4-13-17 in 68 games and was a +24.  In 9 playoff games this season, he was 2-1-3.

The newest Coyote

Justin’s joining a packed blue line in our farm system.  Chris Summers, Michael Stone, Maxim Goncharov, Jonas Ahnelov, and resident badass Brandon Gormley will be joining Mr. Weller in fighting for playing time.   Our system also technically has Garrett Stafford under contract and Matheiu Brodeur, but after the season Brodeur had with the Wranglers, we won’t be seeing him any time soon.  We also have Nick Ross and Jeff May, but with the amount of talented D we have, they are gonna be fighting to keep their heads above water.

Now if only we had a similar stock of forwards………….  #PossiblyScrewed

Weller & Stone




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One Response to This Weller Never Runneth Dry?

  1. Paul says:

    Ahnelov signed with mock of the swedish elite league, so we are down one defenseman, but Ahnelov had the most difficult time staying healthy, so that is probably not a huge loss, given who we have in the system…

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