I Did It All For The Nokie……



@Renhockey tweeted that the Coyotes have come to terms with Finnish badass Petteri Nokelainen.   Nokie is just coming off scoring a goal in the gold medal game at worlds and will be soon wearing that hardware around his neck in a Scottsdale bar near you.


Apparently the celebrating took a sentimental turn. LOL @ talking in third person.

It’s a one year contract, one-way, for 550K.  MONEY WELL SPENT YO!!!!!!!!!  The kid is gritty.  We lacked that this year.  He’s good on the forecheck and defensively responsible.  While he hasn’t played more than 60 NHL games per season and hasn’t gotten over 10 points in a season, anything he adds to the offense is just a bonus.  He did have 11 goals and 16 assists for Jokerit last season.

Nokie fills the Dan Winnik-ish role that we lacked this year.

Coming soon to an arena near you in 11-12. #YearOfTheFinn

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2 Responses to I Did It All For The Nokie……

  1. Carol says:

    He was supposed to come with his Finnish league team this Summer and play fucking-ass close to my city. Phoenix ruined everything!
    (But I’m happy for him. He has great week, I’d say :D)

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