Avalanche? More Like A Melty McFlurry

See that empty space? That's the Marty space. Dead.

We seem to have trouble getting out of the gate.  The first period was very disjointed and we didn’t seem to have a ton of drive.  Thankfully, the Avs pretty much sucked.  I didn’t realize until today that Pyatt didn’t play last night.  What does that say about how he typically plays?  Uh oh.

We have got to cut down on those goals we allow in the last 2-3 minutes of the game.  They kill us.  Bryz was piiiiiiiiiiiiissed.  Then the Avs score again.  Building had no life.  Then Ryan Hollweg goes and puts a big hit on a dude and the building kind of wakes up.

Our first goal was a freaking sick play by Lee.  He was in on the forecheck and had to battle through this dude to come away with the puck and get in to score.  For not being a huge dude, Lee is usually really good at coming out of a battle with the puck.

Then Whitney scores…….. I think?  And then Doan!  On the power play!  I had a sleeping baby so I wasn’t able to fully celebrate these goals but………… WOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Then we kinda screw the pooch by letting the Avs tie the game late in the third.  Overtime was uneventful and the shootout sucked for us.  No one scored.

Radim Vrbata, the man  you can depend on, got hella poke-checked.  Mark jinxed him, so it wasn’t Vrby’s fault.

We play at LA on Tuesday and then our home/home with San Ho.  #Nervous

Still no Jovo.  Still no Korps.  Taylor’s hurt.  Marty’s dead.  #FML

Click here for all 104 game pics

Manditory smiley Turris picture

Lee fears stray bullets. He learned this at Dartmouth.

Jesus ❤

I lurve you Doaner

Well hello there Mikkel


Doan: Imma hit you, haha. Turris: I don't believe you

Doan: SUCKER! Turris: Doh!

I wonder why I didn't notice Pyatt was missing.... o hey Kles.

I must break you.

Olde Tyme Hockeys

Intense Mikkel is reading........ intensely.


Manly enough to pull off purple.


Jovo who?

This happens when the Vrb comes to visit.


Photographic evidence that the Smiley Vrb, the rarest of all Vrbs, exists!


Not awkward at all. #Lies


Boeds = Coyotes version of Patrick Kane. Only well-behaved.

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One Response to Avalanche? More Like A Melty McFlurry

  1. Allison says:

    The old lady with the Klesla jersey was sitting right in front of me last night. They are Jackets season ticket holders, and a trip to Phoenix to see her fav player was her birthday present. You would have loved them.

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