We Need Major Band-Aids, STAT!

So everyone is dead.

Marty…. dead.

Korpi….. dead.

Fiddy…… dead.

Jovo, still dead.  OEL, healthy scratch dead.  Tikhonov, Rampage dead.

So the team that was playing against the Sharks last night was some type of mish-mash of Coyotes players.  Good thing the Sharks suck.  Oh, wait, they’re leading the division?  Crap.

The hockey gods were trying to make us win the game.  The Sharks had about three near-goals that I have NO IDEA how the puck did not go in the net.  Crazyness.

It’s not that shocking that we lost 4-1 considering one of our lines was Ebbett, Hollweg, and Bissonnette.  Jesus F-ing Christ.  God help us.

Our lone goal came from the Kid Line.   Boeds!!!!!!!!!

So time to play guess the center on this line:  Stempniak, Vrby, Whitney.   DUDE, THERE ISN’T ONE!

I’m pretty concerned about our health.  God knows when Marty will be back.  Both the rumors I’ve heard about Korps are pretty serious.  And I don’t even know what is wrong with Fiddy.

And we call up Hollweg and play him over calling up Tikhonov.  WTF.  Hate.

More Game Pics <—– click there for all the pics from warmups

Turris sees the sign for him eating up the Sharks for lunch.....

And tells the girl, yep, he's hungry for Shark!

I swear the only time Kles stands still is while stretching....

Lookout, this kid's on a two game goal streak!

Baby Dane!

My hands, they're so sick!

The Vrb............ he misses Marty


Aaaaaaaaaaaaah Bizz is gonna get you!

I can't freaking believer Hollweg played. 😐

Kid, Kid, Kid, BABY DANE!

Awwww I freaking love the Vrb.

This kid has crazy facial hair. I guess he's trying to trick Tippett into playing him by looking old?

Jesus ❤

Don't look so excited Tay

WHOA, extreme close-up

Oh kiddo, I'll run over Dmo so you can play, K?

You can't defeat my shutter speed Kles!

Dynamic duo

He's becoming kind of a big deal, this one. ❤

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