Yotes / Blackhawks Pics

Wait..... that's not even in English......


Oh, wrong sign. That English one is for me!

haha English is so much easier to read.....

Woot for Canadians speaking English!

ZOMG GUNSHOT! Lee... way to hit the deck but, that was just a puck off the iron.


Ok pretend you're playing........... and........ happy!

Olli, whatcha doin wif your arms?

Yands, you can use this for your Norris trophy application headshot

Norris? That's the MVP right? Ummm no Yands.

Taylor has an owwie. No seriously. Look at his nose. No, ur still looking at his eyes....

Oakie's 1000th game! He's so oooooooooooooold

O hai Fiddy. Who did that to your hair? You didn't pay them, did you?

#IFLTV I freaking love the Vrb


Lookout, goal scorer coming through!

New Czech is making it a bit easier to have no Marty....... ok that's a lie.


Smiley Dane!

He does this blowfish face when he's playing!

Action Czech.

Ummm more action Czech in action.

The Real Schlem Shady is ultra focused. Vrby is ultra focused. Yandle is .....HEY PRETTY LIGHT!

More Boedker Blowfish

Workin' man putting in work

Blackhawks make Lauri want to puke. Or make himself puke.

Slouchy. Slouchy. *Boedker posture* Slouchy.

Boedker's butt doesn't block like Martys. Sigh.

When Marty's gone, everyone has to pick up the slack. Witness Vrby laying the smack down.

SNOW FIGHT! And Boeds is losing 😦

Talks softly and carries a big stic........o hai eyes.

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One Response to Yotes / Blackhawks Pics

  1. Carol says:

    I love this team so much… which is kinda ridiculous since I’ve seen ONLY ONE GAME so far this season. Our TV channels aren’t friends with the Yotes’ and I’m not a friend of watching the games starting at 3am. Yep, I’m bandwagoning like no one else. But look at them – they are all so awesome. And that one game was really awesome too.

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