Someone’s in the Kitchen with Teeky

The following is completely a reminder to never leave children unattended in the kitchen:

Teek didn't get the memo about the gray shirts......

Jonas: I present to you...... dough.

Brett is letting that hair net wear him. OWN IT MACLEAN! OWN IT!

I can't believe Jonas is the responsible one in this pairing.... Jonas: ummm did you read direction?

..... but he eats it anyways. Good Swede.

Summers is so dang likeable....... he's probably the most..... oh wait.... no

These two damn fools are the most bestest Russian rebels ever. (Nice shirt Max).

Ovi and Varly broke into ESPN studios..... these two could break into.... like at least a 7-11 or something!

Ok since I posted the pics from the Coyotes trip to the Children’s hospital….. I decided to post some old ones I have since I have my old laptop on my trip with me…..

The Coyotes.... and a giant chess piece.... and Z didn't get the memo about the white jerseys.

Awwwww Marty and Jesus and Lombo. Lombo loved hats. We loved Lombo.

Baby Dane!

Awwwww Muels.

Muels schooled this kid at rock band!

D'awwwww Z

lol ur a dork 4

This isn't a hospital pic, but OMG look at the girl realizing Shane Doan is Jesus!

Lombo and Pru. BRB creating a time machine.

Ahhhhh wheelchair hockey from Prague! With a giant Slovak!

The whole crew.... wow Marty, Chara makes you look downright petite.

I freaking love the Vrb.

Look Mom, no legs!

Umm nice hi-stick there Hanzal and Vrbo 😛

K now I’m all nostalgic so…..

Hmmm...I wonder if AJ still misses me?



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One Response to Someone’s in the Kitchen with Teeky

  1. JO says:

    what I wouldn’t have given to cook with the RAMPAGE boys!!! looks like way to much fun…..I would have had a blast n a half!!

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