It’s A Big Day!

Feb 20th, one of the bestest days of the year!

Hey you! Yeah you, guess what!

Všechno nejlepší k narozeninám Marty! ❤

Dude, like I'd forget!

So you’re 24 today.  Holy crap, you’re almost all grown up!  It seems like just yesterday this whole situation was occurring:

Oh no. This hair? These baby chub cheeks?

So how do the Coyotes celebrate?


Vrby never gets too excited, whether it's goals or birthdays.

Pru lets you look like a giant doober without judging you!

Yandle does the Dougie for your birfday!

Bahahahahaha I know, Yandle's crazy!

This, for sure, was my fav. Bestest!

Have a good birthday kid, go get some wins.


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One Response to It’s A Big Day!

  1. Cass says:

    Thought 1) Holy crap, where on God’s green earth does the man buy jeans that are long enough for him?

    Thought 2) That last photo is pretty awesome, AJ.

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