Preds? Try Prey. Whatevs.

Preds game ~  going for our 7th win in a row.

First period:  CRAP.  It was crap.  I mean, it was an ok road period of hockey for us.  Pretty slow, with few scoring chances.  Luckily for us, the Preds had a poor period of home hockey.  So we went into the first intermission with no score.

The battle for @CanadaYotesFan's heart. Take that Fish!

Second period:

Yandle throws a bomb from the point that not only makes it through, it made it into the net.  YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANDS!  That’s 10 goals for that cool cat.  He’s ridiculous.  His new contract will be too.  Oy.

Then, 56 seconds later, Taylor Pyatt (he’s been missing in action lately) scores.  Woooooot!

While Yandle fights the Fish, Marty holds his hand ❤

And then we went back to crap offensive pressure.  The Preds kicked their asses in gear, got physical, and took control of the period.  They ended up scoring a goal.

Umm, those aren't Marty's legs. LOL @ this pic.... he's like WEEEEEEEEEEEEE I jump and look at those biscuits! NOM!

Then, in the third…….

Lauri Motherfreaking Korpikoski does that whole hero thing.  He’s kinda studly about helping us out when we are in a pinch.  4 on 4 hockey and he shoots down the ice and lets a wrister fly.  Net.  Goal light.  Point on the scoreboard.  Fuck yeah.

❤ This! CzechFinnistan sammich coming up!

Of course there had to be freaking drama.  In the last minute, Shea Weber got a goal, to pull within one.  GAH!  Also, Fisher got a goal, but it was waived off because Shane O’Brien hi-sticked Dmo.

OMG LET’S TALK ABOUT WHAT A LITTLE DOUCHENOZZLE O’BRIEN IS.  He and Marty were bitching at each other all night.  I just wanna take his helmet away and then smash him in his damn face with it.  Then he put on a little bitch show in the penalty box.  Get over it idiot, go back to the Roxy.

Oh Uppy. This is ..... there aren't really words.... just giggles.

So Marty had like, no lie, three good chances to score and just didn’t get it done.  One of them was past the goalie and the idiot Dman caught it right before it went over the line.  USE THOSE MUSCLES GIANT CZECH MONSTER!  You can’t let Lauri leave you in the dust!


Sami also had this whole situation happening right when Shea Weber scored.  What a freaking mess.  CzechFinnistan was under attack.

Speaking of being under attack, Ray Whitney got hurt in the first period.  So that puts Jovo, Aucoin, and Whitney all out.  Look out old men!  You’re dropping like flies.  EEEK!  Does that mean Old Man Doan is next?

Speaking of Doaner, LOL @ him getting a penalty shot and us all knowing he would miss it.  ❤ We love you anyways Captain.  If it was Lauri or Vrb, it would have been money.

Ovi checks Shane Jesus Doan and all the Caps avert their eyes. THEY RIGHTLY FEAR HIS WRATH! ZOMG OVI, DON'T HURT JESUS, WE MISS PLAYOFFS!

So with all these peeps out, let’s talk about the roster.  We sent Kyle Turris to San Antonio for the day in order to open up a roster spot to call up Yonkman.  I know that pretty much anyone else would have to deal with waivers, but still, fuck you guys.  Turris should never be in the AHL again.

You played Boeds for 9 minutes which is a fucking travesty, especially since Whitney was out and it was a golden opportunity for Boeds to get put on a big minute line.  But no.  Wait, someone played less than Boeds?

Oh yeah, OEL.  You played OEL 8 minutes.  Fucking eh.  Take Doan off the point of the Power Play unit and stick the Kid on there.  His shots make it through more often than not and Doan hasn’t really done much on PP.  Give Olli a chance.  When’s the last time he took a stupid penalty?  When’s the last time he blew coverage that resulted in a goal?  Cuz I sure as hell can tell you those things for some other Dmen who are playing more minutes.

OEL: She's gonna punch Tippett in the face for us. Turris: Yep.

K, I’m off my Swedish soap box, for now.

With Schlemko coming back, does anyone really think he will play much?  Was he just chillin’ on the IR or did he magically get better RIGHT WHEN Jovo got hurt?  Anyone think that’s weird?


Ok, seriously, I’m done.

Uppy and Fiddy have a secret stick guitar band...... not now guys! NOT NOW!

Marty: AJ's pissed, Imma eat Tippett. Oakie: No big guy, he'll get you traded.

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One Response to Preds? Try Prey. Whatevs.

  1. Breezy says:

    What would I do without your picture captions to make me laugh? Totally knew the Stick guitar thing was coming before I even read it…great minds think alike 😉 I haz revenge planned for stick choke incident. He will be sorry he messed with the Sam’s pretty face.

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