Two In A Row Is A Streak

Huh.... I see my name..... I'm famous!

Oh that silly girl…. she’s hitting on me. Gosh golly gee!
So what’s happened since the All-Star break……

We’re on a roll of six straight wins, so if they lose in Nashville, we know that they were only winning because I wasn’t blogging.  Some of these wins have not been pretty, mainly the last two.

Also, this Ryan Kesler picture (which I'm pretty proud of) happened. O HAI AMERICAN HERO! Someday I will liberate you from Canada. #POW #NEVERFORGET

Kaner and new Czech Michal

This IKEA kid was happy. TOFTBO!

.....and Captain Serious. UND!

Lemme tell you how freaking scared I was about Radim being traded when he was going through his long dry spell of goals.  And then, out of no where, the Czech magic was regained and Vrb has like 5 goals in the last six games or something mental like that?  Vrby is one of the few defensively responsible snipers and I don’t even know what would happen if he got traded.

It wouldn’t be pretty and it would involve voodoo dolls and a goat being sacrificed.  Just sayin’.  So….. keep it going Radim.  You are our dependable shootout winner!  We would be lost without you and your patented grimace.  ❤

She worried I be trade? Silly. I no go. Who would talk to Marty?

Now we’ve got a five game road trip coming up and I’m going on the road too!  While the boys are in Nashville, Philly, Tampa, Columbus, and Chicago, I’ll be in San Francisco, trying to find a sports bar that will put the game on.  Crap.

Turris: Have we ever played a game that AJ hasn't watched?

Doan: All of them before 2008. Turris: No waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.

With the crazy amount of trades happening so far before the deadline, I’m praying that GMDM is less active his season than he has been the last two.  Just in the last two years, GMDM got (just at the deadline):

2009: Dawes, Kalinen, Prucha (omg FML), Lombardi (omg FML), Upshall

2010:  Nokie (omg FML), Schneider, Stempniak, Wolski, and Dmo


I feel like this typically ends in heartache for me.  We’ve gotten some epic players, but we aren’t really able to hold onto them.  With the current team, I’ll be ok with sending away a lot more people than I’ve been ok with sending away in the past, but damnit, I hate change.

Plus, Jovo, a guy I totally thought GMDM would be shopping, is out for four to six weeks with a broken face.  What a hot freaking mess that situation is.  Now, we can’t even really trade him and we won’t get jack back for him when we don’t re-sign him in the offseason.  Damnit.

It's ok AJ, I'm staying. ...... yes OEL but they never play you to punish me! Or Boeds!

Speaking of OEL, when he doesn’t play for a while, and then plays, he always surprises me.  His first shot from the point last night made it through and it was an epic sling!  I literally went wooooooooooooooo!  We don’t get a lot of shots from the point that get through, but this kid has a hell of a shot.  Not a booming cannon, but more like a sharpshooter for sure.

Jovo being injured is a big opportunity for Olli the Kid, as long as we don’t trade for a Dman.  Schlemko got sent to San Antonio for conditioning, indicating that he may be back, but let’s not lie, Schlem isn’t the same class of Dman as OEL.

Sam concentrates like Michael Jordan.....

......... no seriously.............

Jesus Sam, we get it!

Now, I really like Sam.  I do.  He’s a card-carrying member of CzechFinnistan.    But, he’s had some seriously rough games in this streak and has consistently gotten a penalty per game.  While it hasn’t burned us yet, he needs to nip this in the bud.  With Jovo out, all the Dmen are gonna have to play a big bigger without getting penalties.

Ha, this dude is a smiley goober pretty often.

Lauri: Still the mother-fing man!

Chin strap flying in the wind........ hey, wait, STRAP THAT SHIT UP KIDDO!

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2 Responses to Two In A Row Is A Streak

  1. Carol says:

    Oh well… I think I love Turris. He is so sick…
    Only trades acceptable for me are those with Ottawa. I wouldn’t mind having some of these awesome guys on my fav team.

  2. Purple_personxo says:

    Trade season=Nervous me.
    I missed the Thursday game,D:
    But went to the one on Monday.
    I saw your sign for…Marty, I think?
    I wore my Turris shirt. And he didnt play,</3 Fml.

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