Feels Like The First Time

If I wasn’t 100% sure that Tippett would healthy scratch him every single game, I would totally run some of our forwards over so Viktor Tikhonov could get a call up.

He’s so damn cute.  He loves the kids on the sheep.  Of course he does!  He’s like a mini Shane Jesus Doan!  And he translates for Max.  Gonch!

I love so much that the Rampage have season-long activities with their little buddies.  It means so much more than just some random hospital visits.  AHL hockey FTW!

Wait a sec, this is a blog……

This must mean I’m not dead!  Yay!

Thanks Marty! I'm not ded, I just missed warmups for the first time in two and a half seasons. #Fail

So the Atlanta game tonight. Hooooooooooooly track meet clusterfuck Batman!

Let’s have a little discussion about how much Lauri Korpikoski is the fucking man.  On the PK, he pokes the puck away….. wins the race to the puck….. takes off on a 2 on 1….. and sets up Belanger perfectly.   Then later, he scores to tie the game at 3.  THEN he blocks a freaking bomb from Buff and hurts himself.

Yandle: ZOMG he's too hot to Yandle.... I mean handle. I'm Yandle. #Confused

Lauri…. on his way to being the new Z…… just not yet.

Speaking of badass mofos…… how about the Hanzal kid?  Game winning goal?  Czech.  Maybe I should miss warmups more often.

Ummmmm.... or not. (Thanks Bridget!)

Hey even this Kid got to play! #StillBitter

So Jovo got headbutted and left the game.  Pyatt was out with an injury as well.  Turris came down with a case of the Not Veteran Syndrome.  Aucoin may be banged up.

Holy crap, freaking Thorburn nailed Uppy TWICE.  Then some guy punched Marty.  Then some dude nailed Olli, who lost his helmet.  Then I threatened to burn down Atlanta like I was Sherman.  Then Jovo threw his glove at a shot to try to block it (don’t ask).

Basically, it was a crazy ass game.  But we won our sixth in a row.  Woot!

Trade season is coming up quickly and I’m a bit nervous.  Hands off!

Bridget is so much better at pictures than me, it's sickening. She's the Turris of photographers. #SoSick

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