Warning: Hardcore Swedish Rookie Propaganda

Well the good news is, I’m not dead.  The bad news is, I may be soon.  So Slovak arrives for his hockey vacation in 11 days and I’ve been stupid busy lately.  And we haven’t had much hockey.

Anyways, nothing big happened this weekend right?

OEL: What if he doesn't like me Bryz? Bryz: You're Swedish, talk to him about IKEA, Lidstrom will love you.

If only there was some Abba playing in the background.....

So, I know I’ve never blogged about Oliver Ekman-Larsson before so let me give you a run down….. He’s a 19 year old Swedish rook………….. bahahahahahaha I almost got that out.


Bahaha did you see that excited look OEL cast over towards Lidstrom?  So completely excited that he got to be on Team Lidstrom.  So after the Friday night draft, on Saturday the boys walked the red carpet:

Real men wear lavender? Ok. Real European men?

At some point, this Kid will start wearing Tiger like all the other Swedes

Awww it's like he's 19 and awkward.

Oh, umm Hey Tyler 😀 Wait.. you're not OEL. But still, Hi there. (accidentally watermarked this, not mine)

So on top of red carpet awkwardness, there was a lot of media, even for the rookies.  OEL was on TV (which is more than I can say for this pathetic TV media coverage in Phoenix, you make me want to puke with your apathy towards hockey).

OEL\’s All-Star TV Interview

So then there was the actual skills competition that he got to participate in.

It's OEL and his stunt double! Wait, that's Yandle? The hell you say....

So the first thing that OEL got to do be in the skills relay.  He was in charge of passing to Lidstrom (!!!!!!!! OMG!),  Brad Richards, and Loui Erickson while they shot one-timers.  OEL was on the group that ended up having the fastest time!  Woot!

Then he also participated in the shootout at the end.  And he came up with this:

Holy shit.  I know I’m biased, but holy shit.  Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick.  That boy is nasty.  Just plain dirty!

So super proud of our little baby rookie!

OEL with his Swedish homies. Oh heeeeeeeey Erik Karlsson!

OEL, how was All-Star weekend? OEL: I IZ EXCITE!

So due to an injury, Yandle also got to go to All-Star weekend.  And not just as OEL’s stunt-double.

Yandle stopped off at Glamour Shots. He was -3 and no points in the game. And he kinda biffed the skills competition. So..... Yay OEL!

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2 Responses to Warning: Hardcore Swedish Rookie Propaganda

  1. Johanna says:

    Just so you know, his name is spelled Lidstrom – without the n 🙂

  2. OEL definitely derserves the love you are giving him, he is having a pretty good season for a 19 year old playing against the competion he has to on a daily basis. im hoping that improves offensivly as he gets more expericence because he clearly has the talent to put up some pretty good numbers. that move of his in the all star skills challenge was indeed awesome but still got overlooked, maybe coach tippett will give him a shot at a shootout next time.

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