Can We Just Play 2nd Periods?

So my friend Ari made Kyle Turris a sign and this happened:

La la la, oh that girl has a sign.....

Hahaha its says my name! Yay someone knows me!


Gosh, golly, gee, I don't know what to do but have this GIANT smile

Hahahahaha suck it Pyatt, I'm hot shit!


So the first period was a giant pile of steaming crap.  It was terrible.  Then Kings put three goals up on us and made us look like an AHL team.  We had no prolonged offensive pressure.  Hell, we didn’t even have much puck possession.  We played the whole period in our end.  CRAP.  CRAP CRAP CRAP play.

I told my buddy that we just needed to get out of period and regroup.   And regroup we did.

Uppy always plays to win.

At the end of the first, Stempniak continued his hot streak, redirecting a shot from Pyatt.  The Kings, in the fragile state that they are, crumpled.  On the power play in the second, something magical happened!

Yeah, I actually took a picture of Marty. #Afraid

MARTIN ANTHONY ZEKE DAVIS HANZAL SCORED HIS 11TH GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MARTY!  Scoring?  Czechs do it better, book it!

Stempniak followed up Marty’s magic with a second goal (trying to steal his thunder Lee? 😛 )  and it was a tie game!

With all the injuries, Tippett was forced to play all the Dmen. Even this Kid right here!

Down three goals?  No problem.  We got this!

Until the Kings scored again.  Crap.

Let’s talk about the injuries.  Jovo is still out.  Morris is out.  Rozy got hurt tonight. Doan left the game for a bit, but was back and looked ok.  Schlemko is still out.  Fiddy’s still out.

Pretty soon it’s like the Rampage playing NHL teams.  Of course, that’s not hurting my feelings at all 😉

HOLY CRAP ARE WE GONNA CALL UP GONCHAROV???????  Our D is already super young and inexperienced (and I love them all), but even I am worried about our lack of experience with Rozy out.  Max would love to come up and lay some people out though!

Thank God we just have Oilers and Avs before the All-Star break.  We need time to heal up.

Speaking of the All-Star game.  OH MY GOD OLIVER IS GOING TO MEET NICKLAS LIDSTROM!!!!!!!!!  He is Oli’s hero and it’s pretty likely that Lidstrom will pick Olli to his team for the skills competition.  How crazy exciting would that be to be chosen by your hero??????  I’m so freaking excited for him!!!!!!!

Korpo! Once again, the penalty assassin!

Olli and Taylor

Sam had a pretty good game tonight.

O hey Olli!

The Sam!

Lauri/OEL/Marty All my favs in one!


Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee is on fire lately!

Scottie's shooting face is hilarious




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2 Responses to Can We Just Play 2nd Periods?

  1. Carol says:

    Turris and his growing smile just made my day. Thanks to both of you.

  2. this is the first time I’ve taken a look at your website and i love it. i think it is really cool instead of rambling on and on about how bad the coyotes played in the 1st part of the game (and i was there for this game so i understand your frustration) you mix in the pictures which makes reading your posts a lot easier and funny too. I’m looking forward to future posts and GO COYOTES.

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