Rampage Got Game

The Rampage players continued their ongoing relationship kids from the cancer ward at the San Antonio hospital.  I’m so glad they got this event in before we stole all the Rampage players!

They went to the Incredible Pizza Company in San Antonio.  Looks like the boys enjoyed the games almost more than the kids!  Check out all the pics at http://www.facebook.com/sarampagehockey

Matt Climie and Josh Lunden with their little dude!

Chris Summers knows that the way to a girl's heart is to boogie down.

Mikkel, you're remembering to give him directions in English right? Mikkel <3's dinosaurs! RAWR!

Brett giving his little dude a hand. Awwww Mac is a good dude.

How strong are goalies? Climie, you show-off.

Climie is trying to strangle his kid with tickets. BAD GOALIE! That for sure is a penalty.

Josh thinks he's a rock star. Climie isn't impressed.


Oh gentlemen. Calm down. 😛

This bearded fool? ANDREW EBBETT! He's gone all wilderness! Him and Ryan Hollweg rock out.

Saved the best for last. Hey there Teeky, where you going on that badass hog? Oh and apparently Gonch cut his hairs & is very happy with his motorcycle (the only thing they actually let him drive in America). GONCH!!

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