Oliver Oscar Emanuel Ekman-Larsson BABY!

So this game started awesome.  Oliver flipped a puck over the glass and it went flying and hit the seat behind me.  So I grabbed it for:

@BabyYotesFan got a puck from the Baby Ekman-Larsson. The Babies gotta stick together!

Maybe it was karma.  Fate?  Cuz, in the third period of this game…….



Olli got his first NHL goal and he was sooooooooooooo excited.  They showed him on the bench after his goal and they announced it as his first NHL goal and he was trying to hard not to smile.


Other than this huge event, the game was pretty uneventful.  We had a four minutes power play when Heatley hi-sticked Vrbata.  And we got nada.  Our power play wasn’t very good all game, and when it was ok, Niemi was a wall.

Even our first goal was flukey.  The shot for Morris went off of a Shark or Belanger and in.

We better get our crap together before tomorrow night.  Predators, bleah!

Schlemko got a penalty that lead to a San Jose goal.  Sami also ended up in the box, along with Doan.  Come on boys!

Who knows if Jovo or Rozy will be back tomorrow.  Fiddler is toast and is listed week to week.  We get to see Brett tomorrow night.  Kid Line!

Oooooooh this kid is part of the Kid Line!

Goal Kid!



He's been on a roll

Oakie, right before he ate a Shark. True story.

Goal Kid!


Hmm. I think I'll score.


Oh hey Olli!

Brett! Kid Line!


Baby Dane!

Uppy wants a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig hug.

There is DoanFace and then there is UppyFace

Mikkel always has his mouthpiece hanging out. Like Prucha. 😦

Oakie's gonna eat that guy!

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