Duck Genocide Baby!

So it was birthday hockey for me!  All I wanted was for someone to punch Corey Perry in the face for me.  Well that didn’t happen, but Yandle slashed him pretty good.  Yands!

O hey Uppy

So we started out with Yandle getting high sticked (and it was scary as hell because it cut right below his eye even though he wears a visor.  We get a four minute power play and our power play suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucked.  Yands was in the locker room, and we just chased the puck a lot.

We couldn’t get a lot of prolonged pressure at the Ducks end, but Ray and Radim broke away and Vrby hit Ray with a sweet assist for a goal!

This kid? #TurrisIsSoSick #Still

The rest of the first period wasn’t too eventful, until the freaking Ducks tied the game up.  Ugh.  This is the point where the game could have gone either way.  We’ve opened up the freaking floodgates and let the Ducks push us around before.  Bryz has been good lately, but there is always that potential that he could completely lose his shit.

We went into the first intermission tied.

Who is that little person? Vrby's trying to be short like Ray Ray

In the second, we tacked three on the Sucks!  Wait……no, that looks right 😀 Pyatt, Lepisto, and Oakie all got goals.

Wait a sec.

Lepisto?  That Finnish D kid?  He doesn’t score.

Oh, but he does.

S.A.M ~ Scoring Awesome Man?

Sami has jokes. Ray and Marty haz the proof

Hiller haz a sad. Sami haz a happy.

We just took control of the game and ran.  SO MANY GOALS.  SO SO SO MANY GOALS!

In the third period, Ray Whitney felt the need to score again.


(Then Corey Perry scored.  Douchebag.)

Then OEL set up Stempniak with a sweet ass pass for our sixth goal.  SIX GOALS.

The Kid? He's smiley.

Who kicked ass?  EVERYONE.  There isn’t a player that I can say, wow, they were in trouble.

Concerning:  Schlemko, finally getting to play, got a penalty that Ducks scored on.  *gulp*  Also, Fiddler got in a fight and got hurt, not returning for the whole game.  EEEK!  Jovo was scratched with an injury.  Michal is still out hurt.  Boedker got scratched.  UGH!

Back to back home games on Monday and Tuesday!  See youz there!

I forgot sumpin. Garage door? Oven? Cup?

OEL, the visor is clear so you don't have to peek out from under it, you can see THROUGH it!

KID! TRUST ME! YOU CAN SEE THROUGH THE VISOR. Tilt your head upright before you fall backwards!

The Up!

Lauri and his tongue issues while he plays.

New Owner Guy? He loves Howler.

He's growing up so fast, over 100 games!

The Kid doing work!

Oakie iz excite!

New Owner Guys Kids: Excited about the win!


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2 Responses to Duck Genocide Baby!

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  2. Nicole :D says:

    Hahaha, I see you sitting there one section over from me XD
    Our season tix are in 105 row F. Not bad, huh? Hahaha 😉

    That was a great game, I took my friend Megan and it was her first. She fell in love with Pyatt. OH GOD NOT ANOTHER ONE MEGAN NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO D:

    Bahaha xD

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