So I haven’t blogged in four days.

We’ve won two games since the last post.  We beat the Blue Jackets and Avs.  Woop!

It’s been busy going back to work, but that’s a lame excuse.  I’m frustrated with team personnel decisions and don’t really feel like writing about the team lately.

#FreePrucha #PlayOEL #TradeWolski #PunchJovoInTheFaceJustBecause #RecallBoedker #IfNotBoedkerThanMacLean #ItsBeen6MonthsAndIStillMissZ #ImNotTheCoachSoItDoesntMatterAnyway

So…………. pictures?

Umm Marty, I know you're tall and all but............ CAN YOU SERIOUSLY SIT ON THAT GUY'S HEAD??!?!!?

COYOTES DOWN! like.... all of them.

Sometimes Uppy can't control the sudden urge to hug someone...... whether they want it or not. Someone needs to team him good touch/bad touch.

Umm this seems to be a pattern..... Can we start sewing messages to the goalie on the back of Marty's shorts? The possibilities are endless.

Doan looks......... constipated? High? Like Keanu Reeves?

Ahh memories from my trip to the Avs game last year..... *sigh* hockey road trips are the most bestest.

ZOMG WALL! Uppy is totally that kid from the Mighty Ducks who can't stop. Luis?

Yandle scored? Nope. This is Yandleface when Sami scored. Yandleface when Yandle scores is kinda like the sun, it'll melt your eyes if you look directly at it. You're welcome.

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2 Responses to #Meh

  1. Elliott says:

    nice site!… (in best Joker voice).. how does she get those amazing pictures? thanks for the updates… I don’t understand why all of coyote country follow..keep up the great work.

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