Kid Line FTW

I swear to God this team is schizophrenic.  Can’t score….. can’t score…. can’t score……….. six goals.  And it wasn’t even against a crap team, the Kings had won 4 straight coming into last night’s game.

Uppy had his scoring eyes on, if you know what I'm saying.

The first period was a shootout and that is a terrifying prospect for a team that has been struggling to score.

Doaner scores…. praise Jesus!  WE GOT A GOAL!  LET’S PUT THEM ON DEFENSIVE LOCKDOWN……

Kings score.  Well hell.

Ray Whitney scores!!!!  Ok DEFENSIVE LOCKDOWN FELLAS!

Kings score.  You boys listen as well as shoes I swear to God.



Then it happened.

This guy.

So this Brett MacLean kid is the leading scorer in the history of the AHL Rampage.  He’s never had an NHL game until tonight.  Is he gonna be overrated?

One shot. One goal. Fuck yeah son.

So at the end of the first period, the Kings had three goals.  Thankfully, we had four goals.

That’s right, four goals.


Now we put them on defensive lockdown?  PLEASE?  SOME DEFENSE PLEASE?

Second period:

Jesus scores again.  We all know about his endless quest for a hat trick so, two goals?  Kind of a big deal.

The Doan Hat Trick: 2 goals and a post/crossbar

5-3 Yotes.  And we weren’t done.  That Turris kid wasn’t gonna let his buddy MacLean show him up.  Hells to the no.  So the line of Boedker-Turris-MacLean had 2 goals.


You need one player defended by three fowards? These kids are up for the job.

Kid line and OEL. Pretty much ded.

Coyotes hockey, five of us will fight two of you.

After a long power play shift, Kyle Turris needs a nap. This isn't Kindergarten sweetheart, GET UP!

So we owned the Kings.  Thank God we had offensive mojo cuz we sure as hell didn’t have defensive mojo.  Let’s hope we didn’t use up all our goals and we have some left for the Blues game tomorrow.

The Kids were awesome.  Uppy was awesome.  Doan was awesome.  Yandle had three freaking assists!  Whitney had two points.  Not bad gentlemen.

Uh-Oh list:  Wolski.  Wide open net and shoots over the bar.  Can’t buy a goal.  Stempniak.  Come on kiddo.  Fiddler.  You’ve been quiet too long.

Jovo still has some ups after 1000 games. Not a lot, but some ups nonetheless

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More Olli pics, Kid Line pics, and Sami

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