Coyote Fans, Why You Hafta Be Mad?

Ok so Bryz had some interesting things to say this morning.  These are all via @dchesnokov.



Bryzgalov on why the Coyotes win more away games than home: “Maybe because more people come to see us play? It’s more interesting to play.”

Bryzgalov’s opinion is that the Coyotes aren’t as solid this year because of the losses of Zbynek Michalek and Matthew Lombardi.

Bryzgalov: “@biznasty2point0 keeps telling me ‘Bryz, all my followers ask you to get in on Twitter and talk to them.’ No, thanks.”

Bryzgalov on the presumption of the kind of person he is: “If people have a firm opinion about you, then it’s very difficult to make them change their minds. Sometimes, without even knowing you, relying only on rumors and newspaper articles, [people] form opinion of a person. Or you tell something to a journalist – but here comes an editorial change, and the context of your quote is lost in full. I think that if you want to know a person, then you have to talk to him eye to eye, get his attention and give yourself to him. But right now, in my opinion, it’s easier to talk to animals than people.”

Bryzgalov on why the team doesn’t want to move: “We still hope that our attendance will improve. And hope is the last to die!”

Good Lord Bryz.

So here is why Coyote fans should not freak out like we did when Ray Whitney talked about the attendance.

1)  Bryz is entitled to his opinion.  We all bitch about hockey players giving superficial answers.  Well Bryz didn’t.  And good for him for being honest.

2)  While I do NOT think the Coyotes have won more games away from home because it’s “more interesting”, I do think it’s probably accurate that it is more interesting to play in front of more people.   Our crowd is typically pretty quiet and there certainly are games where we are sparse.  After going to Prague and seeing how loud/into the game European fans are, this is pretty different than what he came from.  And there really is more energy in the building when there are more people there.

3)  He is not attacking the diehard fans.  He did not say, AJ, I do not appreciate you coming to the games.  If anything, this is a slight jab at the bandwagoners who bailed after playoffs.  So, unless you have some sense of internal guilt about not supporting the team the way you should have, calm the hell down.

4)  Bryz finds it easier to talk to animals than humans.  How can you be mad at Dr. Doolittle?  This is obviously why him and Bissonnette are good friends.

5)  Bryz has been here for a while.  He is quasi-qualified to make statements about our attendance (way more so than Whitney, who had just played 10 games for us).  And he says he has hope for our attendance.

6)  We are going to trade Bryz at the trade deadline to the Caps, with Wolski, in return for Alex Semin and their baby Czech Goalie Neuvirth anyways.  YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST!

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6 Responses to Coyote Fans, Why You Hafta Be Mad?

  1. George Fallar says:

    Bryz says:
    Give a hoot, don’t pollute.

    He should still know better, by now, although he has a better excuse than Whitney.

    Meanwhile Whitney is tied for first place in Coyotes points with my bud Yands, and without Bryz we’d be totally hosed probably.

  2. Bri says:


  3. Carol says:

    I just love Bryz. And number 4 gave me giggles.
    But number six… NO WAY! Semis is my diva idol and Neuvy is my lil’ bb, you can’t send him so far away from me! Czechs for Czechs! I love to talk about how good he is while he is totally unknown in HIS OWN COUNTRY… What would I do then? I can’t talk about him if I don’t see him play!

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  5. Nicole says:

    We’re not really trading Bryz and Wolski are we!? O.O

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