Warning: AWF

So let’s discuss what’s been going on and what we’ve missed.

A fucking debacle (again?) in San Jose.  Thornton’s line PWNED us against Fiddler’s line.  Let’s discuss how epically this pissed me off.  Thornton hates playing against Hanzal.  Hanzal LOVES playing against Thornton.  This line like NEVER lights our asses up they way they did in this game.  If this is a matter of home team gets last change and we just ended up with Fiddy’s line out there cuz we had no choice, fine.  If this was some cockamamie plan that they could do better coverage, we officially need our heads examined.

Hold on folks, I’m about to get on the soap box.

Well, I guess the “shutdown line”  isn’t really the same as last year.  I mean we have Whitney, who is a less adept defender than Prucha.  But Tippett swore by the chemistry that Whitney and Vrbata had.  But, Vrby hasn’t been Vrby pretty much all season and he’s struggling.  Marty is having a better season offensively, but a lot of that can be attributed to him playing power play in front of the net and crashing the net more in general.  So tell me again why we had to break up the Czech line and relegate Prucha to the AHL?  Whitney is a playmaker and he could work on pretty much any line.

So in summary:  our shutdown line no longer exists and Vrby is having a rough year.  Oh and Prucha is in the AHL.  Oh, AND Vrby got hurt in the San Jose game.


I guess that’s been pent up for a while.  I just don’t see the wisdom in burying an experienced player in the AHL when you know damn well that he won’t clear re-entry waivers.

But hey!  We called up Boedker!  Boeds had an assist on the game winning goal against Dallas!  With that line having the only goal in the game, of course we upped their ice time!

Oh wait, we didn’t?  Boedker, DESPITE HAVING AN ASSIST ON THE ONLY GOAL IN THE GAME, played a total of just over 5 minutes?  Turris, who HAD THE ONLY GOAL IN THE GAME, played just over 8 minutes?

WTF?  Yeah Bizz was on that line and God knows we can’t play him a ton, but freaking eh, throw Doan on that line with the kiddos and let’s see what they’ve got!  Turris and Boeds could have great chemisty, God knows they have the speed.  Throw Korpi on that line and let’s run the Stars to death.

And for the love of Jesus H Christ, for his own sake, send Schlemko down to the AHL.  You rarely play him and when you do it’s for like 9-10 minutes per game, putting a huge minute load on the top two pairings.  I understand Yonkman’s role.  Sami showed last year that he’s an NHL Dman.

SET SCHLEM FREE.  He needs minutes.  He needs minutes that are not in a pressbox.

This is what happens when the boys go away for two weeks.  ANGRY WHITE FEMALE ALL UP IN YO’ GRILL.

I’m not an award-winning coach, but that’s the beauty of a blog and free speech.  YOU GET TO BITCH!


Whew!  I feel better!  That’s a lie, I totally don’t.  I fucking want Prucha back.  But……..

It was Z’s 28th birthday on the 23rd.

Happy Birthday Z.  *grabs Kleenex for forthcoming spam*


Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaby Z .......... with a baby!

Z, why you standing on my face?

All together now..... awwwww (except Comrie, FU COMRIE)

and in true AJ fashion............. BRB CRYING FOREVER.


Let’s talk World Juniors:

* Mark Visentin appears to have taken a backseat to Roy in goal for Canada, despite Roy sucking ass in the first two periods vs Russia.  Umm, alrighty then.

* Oscar Lindberg, our Baby Swede, had an assist and was +2 in his first game vs Norway.

* Chris Brown, our American Hero, was a +1 in the game vs Finland, but made the hit on the Finnish Dman, forcing him to cough up the puck to Zucker, who netted it.  Excellent Sir!


Despite my Coyote love, there is just some funny crap put out there by other teams.  Check these out and take note Coyotes staff!

This almost makes you like Heatley.  Almost.




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3 Responses to Warning: AWF

  1. dsweisheit says:

    Great blog! Basically said everything I feel! Plus the Z pics made me teary eyed!

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  3. Nicole says:

    I love Brouwer’s “Oh my God”


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