Holiday Cheer


This happened:

Haha.  A singing career I do not have in the cards for me.  But haters to the left if you don’t like it.

In ACTUAL Coyotes news, Santa once again responded to my call.  Or maybe it was the ToothFairy.  Either way, Baby Dane got called up cuz Pyatt is out for one to two weeks.

So graceful on skates. So socially awkward. WONDEROUS.

YAY Mikkel!  Poor Prucha 😦 😦


Chris Brown made Team USA for World Juniors!  WOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!

Why are we outside coach?

Exciting!  Mark Visentin also made his team for Canada.

What everyone seems to be forgetting is Oscar Lindberg, one of our picks from this year, is playing for Team Sweden.  Good thing you get your prospect updates here 😉

You can never have too many Swedes. Or Czechs.

My allegiance?  Simple.

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2 Responses to Holiday Cheer

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  2. Nicole says:


    😦 Happy /late/ birthday Z! 😦

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