The Most Wonderful Time Of the Year (Other Than Playoffs)

It’s that time of the year….

Prucha, Boedker, Goncharov, Ahenlov and OEL talk about Christmas in their homelands:

The Teddy Bear Toss in San Antonio yielded more than enough for the kids in the children’s hospital.  Mikkel Boedker, Michael Stone, Peter MacArthur, Matt Watkins, and Jeff May played Santa.  Checkout the Rampage website for more pics:

Warning:  Kids love Mikkel Boedker.  And Mikkel Boedker loves kids.

Also:  Michael Stone finds Mikkel Boedker very amusing.

This arm? Boedker's.

Really? Off all these men, it's Jeff May's hands we are trusting?

Boeds is sad that kid is stealing his bear. TACKLE HER MIKKEL!


Note that face leaning towards Boeds

Intense eye contract. She's toast.

Wait, this one is comparing the options.

So many bears!

It's like a fam picture.

Orange... a bold choice

Not the first girl to giggle at Boeds. Won't be the last. (PS ~ Stone also loves this puppet action)

OOOOOH who is the boy gonna pick!?!?!?!

.... and Chris Summers wrapping gifts. What can't our little Bieber do??

The gift wrappers. Summers still wants to be a star.

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3 Responses to The Most Wonderful Time Of the Year (Other Than Playoffs)

  1. Jo says:

    BOEDS is to good lookin for his own good:))

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  3. Nicole says:

    Saw Boeds today at practice! … Taylor’s black eye is BADDD. 😦
    I walked by him and almost cried! They can’t punch those pretty blue eyes! 😦

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