MIA Report

Man this week is terrible for posting, I have been totally MIA!  Last week of work before winter break is always nuts.

Nothing important happened right?

On Tuesday, Glendale passed the lease agreement, pretty much guaranteeing that the Coyotes are going to hang out in AZ for another 30 years.  Crazy!  It was amazing that like 400 fans showed up at the meeting.  We filled the chambers and had people in the overflow room.  That’s more than show up at at the game sometimes…….. kidding!  Kind of.

I would say suck it Winnipeg, but that whole rivalry is overplayed and done.

New Owner-in-Training shook a lotta hands and threw a lotta smiles around.  I’m pretty stoked to see what he does for the organization.

I got to talk to our PR guy, Jim Brewer.  Super engaging guy.  Easy to see why he’s been successful in such a people-oriented job.  They have some good stuff on tap for when we have the money to roll stuff out.

That kid is like, UNHAND ME PYATT

So the boys are on like the longest road trip……….. ever.  Ok not ever but damn it feels like it.

First up………. New Jersey.  CAKE POINTS!  New Jersey suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucks this year.   Oh yeah we went in there and got a shutout.  Got the wrong end of a shutout that is.


Alright, we’ll bounce back.  Next up is New York.  We were in there and kicked ass!  Kicked our own ass that is.  Penalties, penalties, penalties.  Pyatt scored very early in the game.  He did some weird bank shot from a bad angle off Biron.  Then the mystery goal happened.  It was officially Aucoin’s, but it looks like Bizz was the one who actually redirected it.  2-0.  Good control of the game.  We’re a lock!  We’re like locked up in the penalty box.  The worst offender was Sami.  THREE penalties!  SAM!  You know better.  Then the Rangers score, but Doan sets up Marty for the easy goal.  Wooooooooooooot!  Then LaBarbara has a mental fucking breakdown.  He was out for a walk in the park during the power play.  He went out to play a puck, missed it, and was totally out of the net when Prust shot.  Freaking beautiful.  Anyways, Rangers tie it.  We lose in a shootout.

It’s ok, points don’t matter right?  Oh they do?  Well hell, someone should make sure the boys know!

Up next:  The Islanders.  They suck, so, we’ll be shut out?  Anyone?

Interesting note:  Tom Fenton, an amateur goalie in the NY area, was signed to an emergency contract when Bryz got sick.  WE HAZ NO BACKUP BACKUP!!!!  How cool for him!!!  If we had more time, we would have had a Rampage goalie.  Al Montoya hurt his neck so……… IT WOULD HAVE BEEN CLIMIE!!!!!

Speaking of the Rampage:  Teek broke his hand.  Again.  Blocking a shot.  Again.  Fuck my life.


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