OEL Talks Leksand vs. Tingsryd & Rampage Assassins

Kind of a mish-mash post today.

Aww Leksand loves them some Oliver. Crazy fans. Take notes Coyotes fans.

For my Swedish peeps, check out Leksand’s interview with OEL:  http://www.leksandsif.se/7154.php

Leksand played Tingsryd and since OEL was on both of those teams, they called him Thursday to chat.  Funny:  When talking about KEL (he plays for the Tingsryd J18), OEL says he’s good, but as long as he’s not as good as me and laughs.

Brothers will be brothers, I guess.


Here is a link to an audio interview with Prucha in San Antonio:  Pru Interview

So, much like Phx, the Rampage players not only do charity work, they get to do some cool other stuff.  The boys went out with the police department and did some target practice!

These pics are from the Rampage facebook page.  Check it out for more pics.

Wait wait wait, who let Summers have a gun?!?!?! (Nice shoes)

Ok, he got a gun, but who let him that THAT gun?!!?

Not too bad!

KILL TEEK KILL! Oh wait, that's only on PK.

Just chillin'. With a big ass gun. La la la

Michael Stone is like..... Umm how you aim dis?

Much like his shot from the point, sometimes Stone is just a bit outside 😛

Who is Teek laughing at?

The boys and the adults (thank god)

Some random Rampage news/notes:

They beat the Moose last night in a shootout.  Picard had two goals and Stafford & Boedker had the other goals.  Ebbett, Boedker, and Stafford all scored in the shootout and Climie stopped all the Moose shooters for the win.  The Rampage are 20-7-1 and still atop the Western Conference.

*Petr Prucha has a 5 game point streak.  Possibly because he’s an NHL player and we’re fucking stupid.

*Mathieu Beaudoin is an impressive 12-15-27 in 27 games but is still a -1.  Brutal!

*Chris Summers leads the team in +/- with +11

*Maxim Goncharov is up to 3 goals and 3 assists.  Woot Max!

*Teek seems to be stuck at 4-13-17.  GO TEEK GO!

*Boeds is 8-17-25 in 28 games.  Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiire!

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3 Responses to OEL Talks Leksand vs. Tingsryd & Rampage Assassins

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  2. Breezy says:

    Am I hallucinating or is there snow falling on OEL in that first picture???

  3. D. O'Connor says:

    I keep reading that Phoenix will not call up Prucha cause they are afraid to lose him.
    Then why weren’t they afraid to lose him going down to the AHL?

    Also keep reading in the AHL – why is an NHL player (Prucha) in the AHL from other teams playing the Rampage.

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