A Subconscious Fear Of Hats?

This 'man' was a puck magnet all night. SO DAMN CLOSE

Oh Doaner.  We all wanted three goals for you, oh so very badly.  When you went charging down the ice and the crowd chanted DOAN-ER!  DOAN-ER!  It was magical.  Two crossbars instead of hats on the ice.

It just wasn’t your time.  Your time is going to be in a game 7 in the playoffs.  Cuz that’s what Jesus would do.

This man right here. Wow.

Lauri John Michael Matthew Korpikoski kicked Star ass tonight.  On PK, he was just……. wow.  He always works so hard, but tonight, man.  He OWNED the Stars power play.  It’s not just his speed, it’s his maneuverability.  He flew down ice and got his second short-handed goal of the season.  He is pretty damn amazing.  And an RFA this summer 😉

Oh and by the way, he was third star of the night!


Ok let’s talk about Jovo.  Jovo was ONE PISSED OFF MAN tonight.  The first two penalties were not penalties.  The third one was.  That one was dumb on his part.

Jovo plays so damn much better when he’s pissed off.  The best thing that could happen to us is if someone punches Jovo in the face during his first shift of every game.  I’m not kidding.

JOVO ANGRY!  JOVO…. in the box.  Damnit!  Good for him for dropping the gloves though.  I haven’t seen him do that in a looooooooooooooong time.

Speaking of in the box….. guess who didn’t get a penalty all game?………

Ollie! He was a good boy all night.

Wooooooooooooooooooo.  Ollie had a pretty good game.  He had one turnover that was a forehead slapper, but other than that, he was pretty clean.  He didn’t get caught too deep the offensive zone and he wasn’t out of position at his own end.  It was a good, stable game with that one exception.  He had two shots and they were both pretty good.  This is what OEL needs to do to stay up with the team.  Nothing too risky…. just play sound defense and get used to the NHL speed.  THEN he can tear these boys up.

So Ollie was paired up with Yonkman.

Wait, that has to be a typo you are thinking.

Nope.  Playing stylewise — it was the beauty and the beast.  Oliver’s game is gorgeous to watch.  Yonkman just wants to hit people and make the crowd go oooooooooooh.

Here is the problem I had with Yonkman tonight.  I think he is TOO worried about his job. I mean, it’s important for him to try his best to stay up.  But, his strength is his size, and he went out of his way to knock down like four guys on his first shift.  Umm, aren’t you supposed to be playing defense there buddy?  Don’t forget about your assignment.  And he ended up with tripping and interference penalties.  I don’t know dude, I don’t know.

But, with OEL playing in the last two games, our D pairing time has been much more balanced.  Tonight Oakie lead TOI with 25 and Yandle was at 23.  This is much less wear and tear than the minutes they were having to play before.

I think this bodes well for the kid staying up.  Woot!

Oakie is gonna need a bath in Icy Hot after tonight! Oh his aching bones!

Uppy is such a little firecracker.  I mean, let’s be honest, he isn’t the biggest dude, but he will throw that body (aided by 2lbs of hair product) around like nobodies business.  Tonight he was getting his helmet knocked off and upended.  He grabbed Ott and went for a ride while trying to keep Ott off Jovo.  He zips around like a gnat on crack and flings some sick shots.

If Bryz is the heart of the team (now Z’s gone 😦 ) and Doan is the soul, is Uppy the attitude?  Sassy Scottie?

Who you callin' sassy?

Whitney and Yandle scored too.  Everything in this game just game together.  We needed a strong effort to get back on a roll.  We’ve been kind of ok…. and not ok….. and then good…..  We just need to be consistent in the effort and then the consistency in outcomes will come with that.

How good of a game was it?  Well not a single player on the team was a minus.  Not bad.

Woooooooooooooooo boys!

Speaking of the Stars, James Neal scored.  Neal, I still haven’t forgotten what you did to Prucha.  Karma is a bitch and it’s eventually going to come your way.  Until then, I hope you get syphilis and your situation falls off.  Just sayin’.

Now the boys leave on their longest road trip of the season.  They hit up the East Coast to hopefully load of a ton of points because the West has been killing the East all season.  Next time we see them is Dec 28th when we play the Kings.

OMG THAT IS SO LONG FROM NOW.  Withdrawals will start in a bout two days.  I lied.  It starts now.  COME HOME BOYS!  Oh, you haven’t left yet?  Good!  Don’t go!

He was tenacious around the net tonight.

This makes me laugh: OH! I haz an itch!

Turris is in deep shit! Repeat: Turris is in deep shit! Send backup!

Woooooo Lauri kicking ass on PK!

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2 Responses to A Subconscious Fear Of Hats?

  1. Jo says:

    does KORPS really have 5 names???? he an only child, n they couldn’t make up there mind for there boy, so he got them all:))) we love you just the same KORPS, hope they sign u for another 7+ years

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