Wild Child

Man, they let this Euro guy play? Times must be tough or...............

ZOMG OEL'S BACK! I AM SO EXCITED! Wait, put the stick down OEL, I'm not rushing the ice....

Tonight we played the Wild.  Wooooooooooooooooooooooo exciting hockey is bound to ensue when these two offensive-minded teaZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Oh, sorry, I think I nodded off there.  When these two offensive mindZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.  Whew!

Kinda a snooze fest.

Brunnette scores for the Wild.  No I’m not being lazy and referring to them by their hair color, that’s his real freaking name.

Then Oliver gets called for some bullshit hooking call.  Honestly, putting aside fan status, there wasn’t anything there for a call.  HE’S NOT A HOOKER!!!!  So this happened:

Oli got put in time out.

GAH!  So we work our asses off on PK to kill it off and we do!  As Oli is coming out of the box, we’re breaking down the ice.  Fiddy hits OEL with a pass and OEL goes flying off.  He carries it behind the net and shoots off a perfectly time pass to Pyatt for a goal.  Wooooooooooooooo kiddo!  With Pyatt’s terrible luck lately, you know it had to be a kickass assist for him to actually make the goal.


International Hug Conference 2010

Tie game!  Ugh but we slipped back into that thing where we let in a goal late in the period.  DAMNIT.  Freaking Burns, I think he scored against us last game too.

Stempniak! GET OUT OF THERE! You are too important to scrum!

The second period then happened.  ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Oh, that's gonna hurt. Look at that kid playing against Havlat!

In the third, OEL GOT ANOTHER BOGUS PENALTY.  This one was closing his hand on the puck, which MAY have happened, but IF IT DID, IT HAPPENED IN THE MIDST OF ROUGHING.  Jesus H Christ I think that ref hates Swedish people.  Like, the Vikings ransacked his ancestors village and stole all their goods and women and now the ref is exacting payback on poor, innocent little Oliver.  DAMN YOU REF

So that Brunette kids scores in the third and it kills us.  We scores a late goal….. another Pyatt goal (which was announced for Marty).

Marty had two really good chances to score and he just did not make it happen.  GAH! MARTY!  NEED MORE GOALS!

Alas, we were not meant to win this game.  It got chippy and people were jawing back and forth like mad.  So Pat O’ Sullivan was talking shit to Korps.  REALLY KID?  Pretty sure you need to check the stats sheet cuz that man you are flapping your idiot jaws at has 7 goals and 6 assists, while your puny ass has a goal and two assists.

Oh yeah and you were waived by the Oilers this season Pat O’ Sullivan.  You weren’t good enough to make the Oilers squad.  Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand then you were traded to the Coyotes and bought out.  WE DIDN’T WANT YOU.

AAAAAAAAAaaaaand I was monitoring THIS situation go on all nite:

Umm you might want to get out of Marty's face before I shank you.

Now you've made him angry. You wouldn't like him angry.

WTF Mikko?  Well I guess Marty DOES have 7 goals and you only have 5 goals, but really, do we need to be jealous and angry?


The good news is that our defense was more balanced on playing time.  Yandle was down to 25 minutes.  Oakie was next highest at 23ish.  Oliver/Sam played 15 minutes and OEL was a +1.  This is much better for us in the long run than a pairing that can only handle 9-11 minutes per game.  While Yandle can handle playing that much, he can’t be as effective when he’s tired.

Also, the person who I think gets more excited about OEL coming up to Phx than me:  Sami.  Sami always gets to play with OEL.  I’m sure he does cartwheels when Sam gets the news!

Ok it’s 12:24am……. aka blog wrap up time…….. aka picture time:

Omg it's like the Fellowship of the Ring. Whitney is totally the Hobbit

No one will play with Korpi, so he play all by hisself

Uppy got his hair cut!

At least his nose is getting better?

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2 Responses to Wild Child

  1. Nicole :D says:

    Lol Uppy saw me during warm ups and you took the picture when he was looking at me O.o


  2. Carol says:

    Great photos!

    I’m just curious… did fans liked Oleg Saprykin when he was playing for Yotes? He is my favorite Russian player in KHL and I want to know.

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